Friday, March 10, 2006

The Big 3-0

On Saturday, my little sister will turn 30 years old! Happy Birthday, sissy! I can’t believe we are both thirty-somethings. How did that happen so fast?

In thinking about our last thirty years together, here are some of the things that come to mind:
  • My earliest memory is with you! Having our picture taken (ha!) by Mom when we were playing in the sunroom on the floor back by the planter.
  • Playing and camping out in our tree house that Dad built us.
  • Me wishing and hoping that one day I would be able to be as good a dancer as you were! I was so relieved a few years ago when you told me that you felt the same way about me and sports! Phew!—It’s a two-way street! ;)
  • Riding bikes to Hidden Forest with the Greenwoods.
  • Jumping on the Palmieri’s trampoline.
  • Practicing acrobatics in our backyard.
  • Toots Johnson Dance Studio.
  • The bitter-sweetness of moving from San Antonio to Houston. I’m so glad I had you that summer!
  • “I’m not touching you!” “Do-int!” “Stop i-ta!” “I’m drawing a line down the middle of the back seat, and you are not allowed to cross it!” Of course, I was the instigator of most of these events! (I’ll never take responsibility for all of them! The older sister ALWAYS gets blamed for EVERYTHING!!!)
  • Being really proud of you for all of your accomplishments and just for who you are. I always felt so proud when you would make cheerleader every year, and I was so sad for you that one icky year (but still so proud of how you handled yourself with such dignity and class). So proud of you when you performed with Encore, graduations, working for YL, working for Dad (you go, girrrrl! A strong woman in a man’s world!), for being the wonderful daughter, sister and wife that you are!
  • Surviving our parents’ divorce together. I think it was during that chapter that we really became best friends. I don’t think I would have made it without you.
  • Being Baylor Bears and sorority sisters together. I remember how fun it was to meet you for lunch or dinner in the cafeteria. Even though we were away from home, I felt blessed to have you nearby.
  • I’ll always be grateful to you for your support during one particularly difficult relationship I had. You really helped me by being a non-judgmental listener and by offering your unconditional love and support to me. Thanks for that!
  • Seeing that huge smile on your face when you came bounding across the yard and down the aisle to marry G-Dawg. Getting to be your maid of honor.
  • Eating the cinnamon toast that John would make us and enjoying how spoiled we were by him! John’s address to us at Mom’s wedding. And being with you and Mom when he went to be with God—singing and crying together.
  • Our road trip out to Los Angeles—the triumphant trio on the road! I couldn’t have made this move without your help. You and Mom were awesome!
  • Your most recent visit here that was so fun!

These are only a few of many wonderful memories I have of “us sissies” over the last thirty years. You are a tremendous blessing in my life, and I love you soooooo much. You bring joy to everyone you know. May God rain down blessings on you!

Happy 30th Birthday!

All my love,


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