Monday, April 03, 2006

I Wanna Hold Your Hand!

A couple months ago, my sister was out in LA for a weekend visit. One of the days she was here, we went for a quick lunch at the Getty. The Getty has two places for dining--an upscale restaurant and a cafeteria. Naturally, being the big spenders that we are, we went for the cafeteria food, which still totally rocked.

My eSuitor called me last week and asked me if I'd like to spend the day together on Saturday. Of course, I said yes, because he is delish, and I wanted to get to know him better. He suggested the Getty Center, and I was immediately thrilled. The Getty is like Venice...nice to visit with friends, but SO MUCH BETTER to be there with a man!!! (No offense to my sister...I know you understand, girlfriend!)

Upon arriving at the Getty, eSuitor informed me that he had made lunch reservations for us at the restaurant. I told him how thoughtful and generous that was of him, and his response was, "Tracy, it's part of the full Getty experience.... I'm not going to bring you to a place like this and then buy you a burger." Once again, Holy Yum!--both the food and the company. Succulent lamb on my plate and delectible eye candy sitting across from me. Mmm, mmm, MMM! During lunch, I received a text message from my sister saying, "Hi Crazy Trazy! Are you ready for the Getty?" I showed it to eSuitor, and he thought it would be fun to reply from his cell phone the following: "Tracy is having fun at the Getty, and so is her date." Once we were done eating (and this is classic), my sister replied to him, "If you decide to have lunch at the Getty, I highly recommend the hamburgers in the cafeteria." We both fell over laughing! Perfect moment. :)

After lunch, we decided to take a walk in the garden, where I took this photo.

To see more images of the garden (taken by a someone else), click here. This garden is so lovely, not to mention the view you have out to the Pacific. It was a total immersion in beauty that refreshed the soul. So, we're walking down the garden path, and eSuitor nonchalantly reaches over and takes my hand (birds chirping, songs playing, the hills are alive with the sound of music!). So fun! What is it about holding hands? To me it is one of life's sweetest pleasures. The rest of the day, which included dinner, a movie, and some great conversation, provided ample hand holding opportunities. Yep! I'm a happy girl!

Thank you to my eSuitor for making Saturday my best day in LA so far!!! I hope that you won't mind what I've written about you, if I eventually give you the web address for my blog! ;)


Autumn's Mom said...

Sounds like you had a great date! I hope this is a sign of good things to come with your new beau. :)

Your Mom said...

You and I together in Venice -- no gondola rides, no male company, but I sure did have fun!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Tracy

jilly said...

I'll stand by my recommendation for the burger. Lamb? Blek.

Buttercup said...

Sounds like a wonderful time. Yeah! Question about writing about significant others to be or not on blogs: My boyfriend has expressed a desire for me not to write about "us" on my blog. I want to respect him and his concerns, but on the other hand, my blog is becoming a very important way for me to process some of the things that bother me (some of which have to do about my relationship). I find it a creative outlet that is healing and productive.

There seems to be this fine line between divulging too much v. not being honest. I suppose every writer has to find that line. What do you think?

kate said...

You go girl! Yea, hand holding is just the beginning heart rendering moment. And such a fun one. Its sweet and innocent, yet feels like the cresendo of a fine piece of music. Its all beautiful, but when that moment happens in the song, you feel as if your heart is about to burst and your emotions will swell beyond what benedryl can cure. Its sweet, and I hope for many more happy hand holding moments at the sweetest, of places in LA, or at least one of them, I must assert!