Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Crazy Coinkidink -or- When Throwing One Back Was the Best Choice EVER!

Last night, eSuitor called me. He was telling me about a surprise party he went to on Sunday night. At the party, he was talking to a friend of his about ME!!! He told him that we met on eHarmony and that I'm a redhead and an actress. His friend interrupts him, and asks, "Is her name Tracy?".

I have written two previous posts about "multitasking" here and here. In the first link, I wrote about my decision to "throw one back" because I realized that eSuitor and another person I was communicating with through eHarmony went to the same church and the same seminary. Well, apparently they go to the same parties, too.


Autumn's Mom said...

The world indeed is a very small place sometimes. I hope eSuitor felt special that he wasn't the "throw back" :)

Miss Nibbles said...


That's funny.

Miss Nibbles

Anonymous said...

You eFloozie! I love it. So did the R-eJect weep and wail?

Loren said...

Now That is hilarious!! Cyber-lovin...i'm not sure if i want to admit to that