Wednesday, March 08, 2006


For all of you who have been praying for my living situation, I just wanted say a huge “thank you”! Your prayers have been heard. On Sunday, Amanda and I decided to be roommates. She is a friend of an old friend of mine. She’s really nice and respectful, and I feel confident that she will work out much better than my last roommate did. To offer a bit of proof for this theory, Amanda and I have already exchanged more words in the short time we have lived together than my last roommate and I exchanged in five months. We even watch television and have meals together. I love it when roommates act like roommates! Seriously, I am so thankful!

Being two healthy, all-American girls, we daily have conversations about boys. Amanda has been intrigued by my eHarmony experience, and enjoys hearing about my eSuitors. The other day, I let her know that for the first time in my life, I am multitasking. That’s right, people, I am communicating with more than one guy at once! This is a first for me. (A girl’s got to get her money’s worth from this service!) Amanda calls me an eHooker.

Truthfully, the multitasking feels a little weird. Dr. Phil assures me that it is a good thing, and my mom assures me that when she was dating, she never knew any other way! Go Mom!


Anonymous said...

E-hooker - no way. I prefer to think of you as an e-socialite. At least you aren't an e-stalker.

Paydirt from TX

kate said...

Your awesome girl. You're just getting your game face on, and hey LA is a big city. How are you supposed to find Mr. Right in such a huge city with so many possibilities, without a little multitasking?