Wednesday, April 05, 2006

When We All Get to Heaven

This morning, when I was driving in to work, I was listening to a wonderful gospel choir rendition of the classic song, “When We All Get to Heaven”. The exhilarating lyrics of the chorus say,

When we all get to Heaven,
What a day of rejoicing that will be!
When we all meet Jesus,
We will sing and shout the victory!

I started to imagine entering Heaven and what my first moments with the Savior would be like. What do I hope to hear Him say? What would I say to Him? Who do I hope will be there to greet me with open arms?

I think there will be such joy and celebration! To be in the loving embrace of my Heavenly Father. Such love! To be hugged by Jesus. To thank Him face to face for rescuing me from the pit. To fall at His feet in utter gratitude and worship. To be made whole and finally free from my sinful nature. This will all be amazing.

To be greeted by loved ones that have gone before me. I have long anticipated a reunion with Grampy, who I imagine will be waiting with a hibiscus flower “for his little princess”. And of course, my stepdad, John, who I know will be there with a big hug saying, “Welcome home, Star Shine.” Oh, too much joy!

If you feel like commenting, I’d love to hear your hopes for that great day!


Autumn's Mom said...

I think about this a lot actually. I think of my Nana (Mom's mom) first and foremost. She's with me now, I know. She will be holding my hand as I cross over. I think of family and "home". I long for that home.

My mom told me that she has dreams where all the family is gathered, like for parties they used to have back in the day. She's the last to arrive and old family members who've passed are there telling her "Hey, you've finally made it!" That's a nice picture too :)

Have a blessed day Tracy. You made me smile.

Anonymous said...

I think the moment I see Jesus I will fall and my face and be without words. Then he will pick me up, wipe my tears and ask me to dance. I love to dance and I can't wait to dance with Him.

Anonymous said...

Often, when I am worshipping, I close my eyes and stand quietly to hear the voices around me. I love being able to pick out individual voices blending into a wonderful harmony to praise the Lord of lords and King of kings. I imagine it's like being in heaven. So, when I get to heaven, I'm looking forward to hearing every tongue and tribe worship the Lamb on the throne.

BTW, your blog rocks! Thanks for encouraging people to think about such important questions!

ad said...


you know what's fun? returning to your blog after being away for several days and catching up with you through your postings! i love the joy and hope of what you wrote about today. you're fun and an encouragement to my soul.


Anonymous said...

I talk too much in this life, so I hope I'll have the good sense to shut up and 'be' a little bit.

Anonymous said...

My tears of JOY will be overflowing!

Miss Nibbles said...

I can't wait. That's for sure.

Life is so painful, Heaven is so not.

One of my favorite songs.

Miss Nibbles