Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Inventing Coobularay (cool vocabulary) through my eHarmony Experience

Since I signed up for eHarmony, my friends and I have had the most fun putting the letter “e” in front of just about anything we can, just to make it funny.

For example, when I first signed up for eHarmony, I was a little nervous about eDating because I had never done it before. Would it lead to eHappiness or would I grow old as a sad eSpinster? Or *gasp!*, what if I met an eCutie, fell in love with him, and was then faced with the inevitable eBreakup? eHeartache would be awfully hard to take! Thankfully, I have had a good eExperience, and for a short time, even had to multitask with more than one match, thus rendering me (according to my roommate), an eHooker. Last week, things got a little dicey when I realized that the two matches I was corresponding with both go to the same church and seminary. Yikes! Could these two eMales actually be friends? That was too much for me to handle, and since one of them had already become a definite front-runner, I had to throw the other one back (fishing terms come in very handy in eDating, as well.) Sometimes a girl has to catch and release! Ya know? I am hoping that my multitasking days are numbered because my eSuitor of fondue fame has definitely captured my attention. He may soon be upgraded from eSuitor to eHottie status, and maybe one day, we can do away with the “e” altogether, and he will be my real, live boyfriend.

Hmmm. That sounds good. It’s still too early to tell what God has in store in that department, but I can tell you this much, I am utterly eHopeful!

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Autumn's Mom said...

Too eCute! :) You have such a positive vibe that comes through your writing. It's very refreshing!