Thursday, May 04, 2006

Thirteen Blogs I Enjoy Reading

For this week's Thursday Thirteen, I thought I'd share thirteen blogs that I read daily. I barely knew what a blog was one year ago. Now I write one and read many!!! I am sure that I'm forgetting someone, so please, blog buddies, forgive me if I don't have you on this list!

1.) Autumn's Mom is so much fun. She is one of my first blog buddies. We visit each other's blogs everyday. It is kind of funny to have a friend you have never met. But I think we would get along great if that ever happened!

2.) Dooce is probably the most read blog out there. Even though I often don't agree with her world view, I appreciate the transparency with which she writes. She truly lives out loud.

3.) Buttercup and Bean are two sisters living on opposite sides of the country. They both author the blog. One is a feminist lawyer living in NYC. The other is living the suburban life in Utah.

4.) The Cachinnator is an old friend of mine. He's just good peeps and his blog keeps me entertained. He is a down-to-earth guy with an undergraduate degree in theatre and his masters degree in from a Christian seminary. He now works as a band promoter/executive director of a theatre.

5.) Musical Theatre Audition.Com Blog gives you up-to-the-minute information about the Broadway musical scene. I recently learned on this blog that the Broadway stage will soon see musical versions of The Princess Bride and (you guessed it) Legally Blonde!

6.) Musings of a Mad Spinster wins the award for the best blog name! It is wittily written by Queen III. When she talks about her dating life and her ex-boyfriend, I laugh out loud (not at her, with her!!!).

7.) Roses in December is written by "Don" Boscoe. The Don is a friend of the Cachinnator, and he writes about his adventures in Baklava-ville (yes, he's currently enjoying life in Greece, and giving us running commentary on the swimsuit optional beach he has a view of out his window).

8.) The 42nd Floor is written by Forky, an actor who supports himself as an administrative assistant in Everycity, USA. Read his "About Me", but be sure to wear Depends, because you will likely pee yourself.

9.) Thinking About... is written by J. She writes about all sorts of things. Recent posts include anecdotal stories about how she came to own a shot gun and a fur coat, the sad demise of mix casette tapes, and her recent road trip to Reno.

10.) Maniacal Days is a blog that I recently happened upon. She has recently written about her tatoos, her baby, her hubby, and hockey. She's a big Devils fan.

11.) Crazy Dust in My Coffee is very well written and has one of the best taglines I've seen on a blog: Nutty Sweet ~ Smooth ~ With a Hint of Snarky.

12.) Cherry Extract is an open book. She once left the following comment on a post I wrote about "baggage": "I am a super open and honest person and my baggage isn't very deeply hidden. If a person asks, I tell. And even if they don't ask, I tell." How can you not love her?

13.) An Awfully Big Adventure just celebrated its 100th post. One of her favorite posts (and mine) was entitled "My Boldest Prediction Yet", in which she predicted that mustaches would make a comeback in the year 2006. Check it out!

As I said before, this is just a sampling of the blogs I read. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.... Let the addicition begin!


Autumn's Mom said...

Hey Tracy! Thanks for sharing some of your favorites. I'm honored to be at the top of a nice heap!

Keep smiling!!

Buttercup said...

Tracy, Thanks for all the great ideas of others to check out. And thanks for including ME in your list. Bean and I appreciate it.

(P.S. I am now a little afraid to check out that celebrity face match site that the cachinator tried out).

a-dub said...

Thanks, Tracy! I'm so honored to be included on your list, I'm giddy!

Anonymous said...

An honor, my lady...

Ally Bean said...

thanks for including me. and what a great way for me to find some more blogs to read. you did all the work!

J said...

Thanks for including me, Tracy! You warmed my heart. :) Now I've gotta check out some of these other blogs...

Jenn said...

Hey look it's me!!!! =o) Thanks for the link! And yea...GO DEVILS!!

Don Boscoe said...

YOU READ MINE EVERYDAY!!! I'm so sorry...I'll have to try and be more interesting...But since i virtually met you via blog i've read your's everyday too!! And now i have several more to read...I like Thursday 13!!

Cherry said...

I made the list too?
Thank you for including me in your day. I guess I really need to keep up on those posts!

Have a lovely!

Gina said...

I'm with you, I love J too!

I'll be sure to check out some of your other reads.

Queen, III said...

I LOVE TRACY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!