Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The Mothership

On Sunday, eSuitor and I got to spend the afternoon together. For Christmas, he received a giftcard to Ron Jon's Surf Shop. Since he had not yet put it to good use, we decided to go to the mall and buy him a few new t-shirts for summer!!! After that, we decided to walk around and see if there were any other cool shops. We wandered in and out of a couple stores when my eye saw a beautiful sight that I never even knew existed--an Ann Taylor FACTORY STORE. I looked at eSuitor, my eyes wide with anticipation, and told him, "This is the mothership!". Not quite sure what to expect, he followed me into the store. Much to my delight, there was a clearance sale going on--everything in the store was at least 70% off! "eSuitor, just so you know, we're NEVER leaving this place!"

Much to his relief, I'm sure, we did leave, but not without these cute aqua/teal cords that were originally $44 marked down to $9.99, thank you very much! Gotta love a bargain!


CB said...

hope you don't mind, I bookmarked your blog.

Anyone who gets that excited about a sale at Ann Taylor must be fun to read!

Thanks for the encouragement.

Tracy said...

Of course I don't mind! I'm flattered! Thank YOU for the encouragement.

Autumn's Mom said...

LOVE a good bargain! I find more bargains for my daughter than I do for myself..but that's ok!

a-dub said...

I, too, get SO excited about clearance sales! It's really is like a hunt. However, it is sooo frustrating to have to wait six months until your new clothes come back into season!

By the way, I'll be praying for your dad and your family.

Tracy said...

Hi A-Dub,

Even though it is way too late in the season to be wearing my new cords, that didn't stop me from sporting them at work this week. You can sort of get away with it here in So. Cal., since it is still cool here.

Thank you so much for praying for my dad and family.

Anonymous said...

The Beeki just got a job at Ann Taylor Loft. She's just as excited as you are. It's creeping me out, ladies.

Don Boscoe said...

Who's Ann Taylor??? Is she related to Elizabeth Taylor?? Is she a REALLY Crazy old lady that likes creepy, past their prime, Black, Male Pop stars who look like anorexic white women??

Cherry said...

Sorry a little late in catching up on my reading.

I love Ann Taylor too! I think most of my favorite garmets are Ann Taylor and Ann Taylor Loft.

Congrats on your great find!