Monday, June 26, 2006

Stressed out!

How can one "day job" be such a rollercoaster ride? I vascilate between feeling like I'm in WAY over my head and feeling like I'm getting the hang of it. Last week, I was feeling pretty comfortable in my new position. But today, I left work so stressed out because people start talking to me about things assuming that I know just what they're talking about. And I'm like, "Huh?" *stops to pick nose*

I came home from work and made myself take a nap, but I was so anxious that I kept waking up every 15 minutes. At least for the first hour. Then I slept for an hour solid. I hate stressing about something that I don't even care about. Even writing this post, my body temperature is rising from the stress. YUCK!!!

I'm going to go walking now to blow off some of this tension. Hope it helps.


Anonymous said...

Deep breaths, friend. You are not your job, you just do it. Do it like you're working for God. That is to say, do it like you do everything in life: give it your best, expect that you won't always get it right, roll with the punches, get up when you get knocked down, and give it your best again. Miss you!

Ally Bean said...

I hate stressing about something that I don't even care about.

I'm the same way. I care about doing things right far more than the things care about me doing them right! {and did that make any sense whatsoever?]

I like the previous comment. I should apply it to myself as well.

Autumn's Mom said...

Walk it off sister. My husband used to ask me why I stressed all the time at my old job? It's just a job. The Cach is right. Just smile and nod. :D

Tracy said...

Thanks for the encouragements, Ally Bean, Cachinnator and Autumn's Mom. They really helped. Today (Tues) was a much better day!