Friday, June 23, 2006

Let's Start from the Very Beginning...It's a Very Good Place to Start

As revealed in this post, my favorite movie of all time is The Sound of Music. I grew up watching it with my mom and sister. We would sing "A Few of My Favorite Things" just for fun.

As an adult, I have even had the opportunity to see it twice on the big screen, both times with my actor-friend C.B. The second time was a special sing-along version. Kinda like karaoke en masse. It was FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN! People came dressed up in costume (my favorite was a family who came as brown paper packages tied up with string). And when the movie started, we all hissed at the Baroness Schraeder. Good times!

Imagine my excitement when a co-worker told me that this happens at the Hollywood Bowl EVERY SUMMER!!!

I think I may feel a tradition coming on.


Autumn's Mom said...

I'm going to admit to you...I've never seen the sounds of music. Can you believe that??? I know I know. I'll check it out someday.

Thanks for your warm wishes. You have a wonderful relaxing weekend.


Anonymous said...

Looks like "The Sound of Music" at the Hollywood Bowl next month is performances of the staged musical. ("Come see the original version of the show that started the “Sing-A-Long” phenomenon!") I guess we could sing along anyway. Plus, "Bo Duke" is playing the Captain! :)

Saddly, I couldn't find anything about the Hollywood Bowl sing-along, except a press release from last year's show. But I did find this fun CNN piece from 2000:

~Your Roomie

Gray-Ham said...

I've acctually gone and done that, the Sound of Music thing. Totally fun.

Anonymous said...

The hills are alive, my friend. They are.

Cherry said...

I did the sing-along Sound of Music thing in SF many years back. It was so much fun.

I'll tell ya a secret.. my lovey breaks into song with "My Favorite Things" a little more often then I'm sure he'd like me to annouce. But his favorite is 'The Lonely Goatherd' by far (but he can never remember the lyrics)