Thursday, October 26, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Reasons Why Anne is One of My Bes Frennies!

Almost four years ago, Anne and I became friends. We worked together in Spain, and we hit it off from the get-go.

1.) She is the funniest person I know. The other day I got an e-mail from her bemoaning the fact that I wasn’t there when she made a joke before a roomful of people who didn’t laugh. She knew I would have laughed. And she was right.

2.) The great thing is, I am the funniest person that Anne knows. Not everyone thinks I’m funny. But there is something about being with Anne. She just gets my sense of humor. I guess we bring out the funny in each other.

3.) Anne taught me the “pretty feet” pose, seen in this picture (Mom, me, Anne left to right).

Anne and her sister started doing the pretty feet pose after they saw Morgan Fairchild doing this pose while shaving her legs in a movie. They just thought it was hilarious that M.F. was in the tub shaving with perfectly pointed toes. Is that funny to you too? I’m snickering just thinking about it! Anne lives all the way across the country, but every time we see each other, we invent new pretty feet poses.

4.) Anne always travels with a headlight—you know a flashlight that you wear on your head—just in case she needs it. Usually it comes in handy for doing hand puppet shows. She’s a very handy lady!

5.) Whed we’re id a silly mood, we like to talk like we have colds. That’s why she likes to comment on my blog as “Ad”, because when Anne has a cold, it’s pronounced “Ad”.

6.) We were each other’s English speaking friend in Spain, so that really helps forge a friendship.

7.) We have an annual birthday tradition. Both of us were born in the same month of the same year, so we try to meet somewhere for our b-days every year. It’s a very fun tradition, and one that I hope we can continue!

8.) She’s a smarty!

9.) We talk to each other in Dr. Evil voices. It’s truuuue. We dooooo.

10.) When in need of a good cry, I can call her.

11.) When in need of a good laugh, I can call her.

12.) When I need someone to pray for me, Annie always does.

13.) Her hair has a great personality, too!

Love you, Annie! Thaggs for beig by bes fred.


Buttercup said...

Tracy - Great tribute to your friendship with Anne. She sounds awesome!! The other day I saw Ashlee Simpson doing a pretty feet pose for sketchers and I too was fascinated, coincidentally, in thinking about doing pretty feet poses. I think I could do it.

Laura said...

That's awesome! I am jealous... I don't have any friends like that, a fact that I desperately lament.

Love the pretty feet pose.

Cherry said...

Its great that you have found such a special friend in Anne.

I'm happy that you have her and I hope you are able to continue your birthday tradition.

beenzzz said...

Anne sounds like a wonderful friend!

Ad said...

I cad believe you wrode a blog aboud bee! Whad ad hodor, Dracy. The real honor is being your best friend. Thags for beig such a blessig id by live.

Love and fun and birthday trips an reunions in February April and pinxtos and Loft duds,

Your Ad

thoti said...

hola trosky:
que pena no haber aprendido tu lengua bién, para poder leer ahora todos tus sentimientos.., pero al menos veo fotos y puedo imaginar un poco y eso sí mandarte un montón de besitos..
te quiero mucho amiga..

Arteneus... said...

Saludos desde Barcelona!!!
que tal Tracy?...solo quería agradecerte tus comentarios en mi blog...te conozco por lo que Thoti me ha hablado de ti...jeje...todo bueno... y me ocurre lo mismo que a el...que no sé demasiado inglés como para poder leer todo lo que has escrito en tu blog...asi que intentaré aprender un poco más y poder asi compartir lo que brota de tu corazón...
de nuevo...gracias...

Anonymous said...

those are very pretty feet :)