Monday, October 30, 2006

Twice Tearful

Last night, I had the wonderful experience of watching the Mojalet Dance Collective perform a modern dance piece choreographed to Mozart's Requiem. Complete with a live orchestra and choir, this live performing arts evening was truly memorable.

I found my eyes welling up with tears twice during the performance. The first time was for the same reason I almost always tear up during live performances: resonance. The live performing arts experience so resonates with my soul, I cannot help but cry. I feel a mix of pride for the artists on stage, joy that life can be experienced through the arts, and yearning for the next time that I'll get to be on a stage myself. It is what the old cowboy in City Slickers means when he talks about "the one thing". That thing that you are created for, that you were meant to do. I never feel more alive (except when I am worshipping God and in close communion with Him) than I do when I am performing. But I think perhaps that doing what you are meant to do can be an act of worship, if it is done for His glory. It is, in essence, saying "God, look what I can do with the gift you gave me! Thank You!" I think God looks back at us when we do that in the same way a proud parent looks at their child riding for the first time on their new bike with no training wheels--with radiant pride and joy.

The second time I cried was when one of the dancers I was watching moved in such a way that I was simply overcome with the beauty of the movement. It was art in motion, and I was inspired by it. In my fast-paced Los Angeles life, I rarely slow down long enough to sit still and notice the beauty all around me. To sit still for an hour and a half last night and have beauty wash over me was a lovely and soul-nourishing gift.


beenzzz said...

That is wonderful that you had such a strong emotional response to this performance. Ancient Hindu's refer to the emotional release through art as "Rasa." It's a very interesting concept. Not only are you enjoying the art form visually, but you are absorbing it into your soul! Deep stuff.:)

Ally Bean said...

Your dance watching and self revelation sound mystical. How cool for you. It's so good that you know what your "one thing" is.

Anonymous said...

I was also blessed by the event at BelAir Pres. On Sunday night.
The amazing sound of the live Choir and Orchestra brought to life by the dancers was powerful. It only gives us a small feeling of what kind of worship goes on in heaven with the angels. Thank you for sharing your experience on this blog.