Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Warning: I'm about to be cynical

Today, a guest speaker came to talk to my group at work about blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. We all walked into the training room and sat down at our various places, where we were greeted with a sheet of rules by which to abide for the following two hours. *joy!* I love rules. They read as follows (my comments in parentheses):

1. Please turn pagers/phones to silence. (Okay, I can go with this one. I mean, duh, but thank you for the reminder.)

2. Come back from breaks on time. (This is where things immediately got dicey for me. I mean seriously, if a speaker is interesting, does he really need this rule?)

3. Listen when others are talking. (Thank you. I'm pretty sure I remember this one from third grade, but whatever.)

4. Feel free to ask questions.

5. Appreciate the other person's point of view. (See parenthetical comment on #3).

6. Practice learned skills on the job. (Is that rule really necessary, since I really can't implement it until after the training is over?)

7. Enter into the discussion enthusiastically. (I'll give it the good college try, but I ain't makin' any promises.)

8. Have fun!! (Color me skeptical, but I just don't see that happening in this particular scenario.)

What if the speaker simply printed these rules in reverse order and inserted the word "please" every now and then? They still would have bugged, but maybe not as much.

Which rule bugs you the most? It's National Open Season on Rules Day, so let it out!


Ally Bean said...

First of all, I believe that cynicism is good. It keeps you safe in an insane world.

And secondly, in answer to your question, I dislike "7. Enter into the discussion enthusiastically" the most.

How about we just allow people to enter into the discussion in a way that is authentic to who they are at that moment in time? This isn't acting class, this is life. The mere action of entering into the discussion is enough.

Anonymous said...

All of them bug me! Of course, I'm a bit grouchy today. ;) I think #8 bugs me the most. Who goes to work to have fun?

Laura said...

I specifically dislike #3. I hate being treated like a child.

Anonymous said...

The reason these rules bug you is because it appears to me that you're a mature, well-mannered, responsible adult! You are able to handle yourself appropriately. I just had to clear that up first.

Now, there are rules out there for the people who don't have any manners and need childish rules to keep them in check. I was a trainer for 11 years, and it's astonishing how many adults act like idiots! As immature as these rules are, they're designed for the average, but globally rampant, moron.

Sharon said...
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Sharon said...

I don't necessarily agree with the rules either but from dealing with a variety of personalities, you will find that what you consider common sense, courtesy and maturity are NOT common at all. I have to agree with ML on this. This is why we have employee handbooks because people don't act responsibly, maturely and apparently don't have enough to do because they spend half the time in my office telling me "well the manual doesn't say that!" So I have to now write down that the fact that you don't get to collect per diem when ALL your meals are paid for by someone else. I mean seriously if you need to get a tip, get a job as a waiter. Professionals SHOULD know better, just like people SHOULD be able to be in a meeting without having the rules spelled out for them. What bugs me the most is the fact that the bad behavior of a few necessitates rules for the rest. I bet the speaker didn't even have a rule sheet at his/her first presentation.

J said...

Blech. I don't go to work to have fun, or to be enthusiastic. I can get my work done, and listen like an adult, and if some people need to be reminded, whatever. But fun and enthusiasm are not called for in my job, and I don't bring them.

Cherry said...

Enthusiastic? You want me to be Enthusiastic? If you are training on something for me to be Enthusiastic about I'm all over it. But like J said.... most visiting speakers at work don't talk about baking cinnamon rolls, or taking an interesting photo. Then I might be more enthusiastic.

BTW - gorgeous photo!

Jenn said...

Definatly #7!
I'm here, and I'm listening, but I'm only being entusiastic if you say something that MAKES ME freakin enthusiastic. Sheesh, what do they want, FAKE enthusiasm?

Buttercup said...

Yuck - How patronizing. Based on these rules, I'm sure the speaker tanked.