Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Movie Meme

1. Popcorn or candy? Hot Tamales and Junior Mints, por favor!

2. Name a movie you’ve been meaning to see forever. Braveheart...I know, I know, I should have seen it a long time ago!

3. You are given the power to recall one Oscar: I really wanted Joaquin Phoenix to win for Walk the Line. But I wouldn't want to take anyone's Oscar away from them...that would be mean!

4. Steal one costume from a movie for your wardrobe. Which will it be? Any of Elle Wood's outfits from Legally Blonde.

5. Your favorite film franchise is…Christopher Guest's mockumentaries: Spinal Tap, Waiting for Guffman, Best in Show, A Mighty Wind.

6. Invite five movie people over for dinner. Who are they? Why’d you invite them? What do you feed them?

Carol Burnett
Reese Witherspoon
Lucille Ball (posthumously, of course, but I would have loved to meet her)
Julie Andrews
Kate Winslet

We would have some great girl talk and I imagine that we'd all laugh our booties off. I respect their work so much, and I would love to just gleen knowledge of the craft from them.

Oh, and we'd have pizza followed by ice cream sundaes in our pjs. Cuz that just sounds fun.

7. What is the appropriate punishment for people who answer cell phones in the movie theater?

I thought that was against the law. :)

8. Choose a female bodyguard: Ripley from Aliens. Mystique from X-Men. Sarah Connor from Terminator 2. The Bride from Kill Bill. Mace from Strange Days. ???

9. What’s the scariest thing you’ve ever seen in a movie? I screamed outloud all the way through Signs. I don't handle suspense very well.

10. Your favorite genre (excluding comedy and drama) is?

I love a good Jane Austen romance. I'm a total girl that way. Sense and Sensibility is pretty much a perfect movie.

11. You are given the power to greenlight movies at a major studio for one year. How do you wield this power? I'd make sure that my actor friends and I get cast in some seriously good films, and then give those the green light!

12. Bonnie or Clyde? Bonnie--she wears cool hats.

13: Who are you tagging to answer this survey: Sharon at Grab the Fish


ML said...

Great meme! I like the actors you chose to hang out with and I especially like it that you're will be in your PJs.

Dorothy said...

I like your girl party too! Did I ever tell you that M calls Kate Winslet Autumn's future step mother? hahaha Finding Neverland was the PERFECT for us to watch and oogle our boyfriend and girlfriend. I agree that Sense and Sesibility is the perfect movie!

Autumn's Mom

beenzzz said...

I love your answers! I forgot all about Elle Woods. I would have chosen her outfits and her dog as well. Her stuff was awesome!!

J said...

Hot tamales and junior mints? Sure, heat up your mouth, then cool it down again. :)

I love the Christopher Guest movies, too. Have you seen the newest one? We laughed so hard. Maya was CRACKING up.

Buttercup said...

I'm a junior mints girl too! Either those or good & plenty and everything is right with the world for 2 hours. I'd totally pick the Bride or Sarah Conner. Excellent choices.