Monday, December 25, 2006

O Beautiful Star of Bethlehem, Shine On!

Dear Jesus,

I admit that I have totally been caught up in the holiday whirlwind and not given you anywhere near the attention and focus that I would have liked to. Excuses are not going to help, and I know that is not what you desire. You just want me to love You. So I didn't want to go to bed tonight without pausing for just a moment to tell you that. I love You, Jesus. My life is what it is because of You. Your love allows me to breathe and to live with inner-freedom.

I was sitting in church tonight, listening to the words of "O, Holy Night"

Fall on your knees,
O, hear the angels' voices.
O, night divine,
O, night when Christ was born.

I tried to imagine what it was like for You that holy night when You, the God of the Universe, humbled Yourself and put on human flesh. To live among us. To show us Your love. To save us. I know that it wasn't an original thought, but I want to say "Thank You". Thank You for loving me so much, that You came all those years ago so that I could have a life with You now. That was amazing love. That was and is the best Christmas gift the world has ever known.

I pray, Lord, that as I move into the new year, that I will not be too busy for You. You are the most important thing.

I love You. Because of You, it is a Merry Christmas.

Thank You, Jesus Christ!


Anonymous said...

This is awesome. I spent a while talking to God earlier and thanking Him for EVERYTHING. He IS the most important thing, and He gave us the best gift EVER. YES!

Maya's Granny said...


I hope you had a merry Christmas.

ML said...

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

Autumn's Mom said...

You are so awesome Tracy. I'm glad to have "met" you this year.

Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad, Happy New Year.

beenzzz said...

I too hope you had a wonderful Christmas. How was your trip to Texas?? :)