Monday, December 18, 2006

Vaca: not just Spanish for "Cow"

That's right people, I'm going on vacation! Tomorrow, I leave for the Lone Star State to spend a week with my family, see some friends, and to celebrate Christmas with loved ones. I hope that my Christmas vacation will be filled with the following:

-quality time with my family--Dad, Mom, sis and bro-in-law.

-fireside chats and cuddles with eSuitor. :)

-Scrabble games. Mom and I usually bring out the board this time of year.

-sampling Alice's famous Christmas cookies.

-celebrating the birth of Jesus.

-reading a couple books that are on my list.

-fitness and being active. I plan to take some nice walks around my Dad's ranch and around my Mom's neighborhood.

-going hunting with my sister. My sister is an incredible markswoman. I don't know if she's planning to hunt with a rifle or a bow-and-arrow, but I'm planning to go sit with her and watch her do her thing!

-celebrate my friend Kelly's 30th birthday! Yay Kell-Bell!

-eat some good Tex-Mex. mmmmm.

-see friends

-go to an annual Christmas eve party with friends from church. It's become a tradition for the last 12 or so years.


-see some "Early Bird Specials" at the local theatre with eSuitor.


elpoetadelascolinassolitarias said...

FELIZ NAVIDAD Tracy. Un besito.

beenzzz said...

Have a wonderful trip!

J said...

Sounds like you're in for a great vacation! Merry Christmas, and I hope you have a wonderful time!

Love that cow, by the way. We went to Holland on our honeymoon, and the cows there were marked like that...white in the middle, black front and back. Interesting.

Sharon said...

hope we get chance to connect while you are here!

Ally Bean said...

Fun, fun, fun!!

Merry Christmas, Star Shine!

Cherry said...

I hope you have a wonderful vacation and time with your family.
Merry Christmas!

Autumn's Mom said...

Merry Christmas Tracy. I hope you have a wonderful holiday. talk to you when you get back.