Sunday, December 17, 2006

They really are a girl's best friend!

On Saturday, I drove down to eSuitor's neck of the woods for lunch. After lunch, he began driving us to an undisclosed location. He took me here, to get my opinion on something:

Nothing was purchased, but looking was never so much fun!!! For the entire rest of the day, I was totally gushy. I'd give eSuitor a compliment about something or tell him that I love him or just have a generally pleased glow about me. He'd say, "It's the diamonds talking, isn't it?", to which I'd giggle and nod. His response: "Wow. I guess they really are a girl's best friend. I might need to take you to look at diamonds more often."

I knew I picked a keeper! ;)

Love you, sweetie!

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