Thursday, March 22, 2007

Sweet Thirteen

Thirteen Things that are Sweet to Me

1. No Sugar Added Fudgesicles. Mmmmmmmmmmm.
2. Doing that hand clapping thing with my friends as a little girl to a cadenced song. You remember..."Bo-bo-skee-wotten-totten."
3. Soft kisses.
4. Confidences shared and confidences kept.
5. Self respect.
6. Praying together.
7. Lullabies. Especially made up ones.
8. Freshly fallen snow.
9. Innocent questions.
10. Cotton candy
11. Little ones' hands and feet.
12. Hearing the words "I love you."
13. Having someone to say them to.


ML said...

I love you list! All of those things are indeed sweet :)

ML said...

I meant to say I love YOUR list. Sorry...

wordnerd said...

this list made me soft and fuzzy. *sigh*

J at said...

Definately sweet things. :) Freshly fallen snow is the best, as are people whom you love and love you back. :)