Monday, April 09, 2007

Engagement Pictures!

Jen Disney took these engagement photos of us a couple weekends ago in Laguna Beach. It was a fun location because it reminded us a lot of La Jolla, where eSuitor proposed to me. The photo in the header was the last pose of the day. Right after she snapped it, a chilly Pacific wave got me! I just wanted to share some of my favorites with you. :)

This is the obligatory "display the ring" pic.

This one was taken in front of the door of a church.

I love this photo because it looks like we could be walking down a street in Spain.

eSuitor calls this one the "kiss and giggle".



Don Boscoe said...

Those are adorable. You guys look great...and happy.

We just had ours done as well, i think they may make the blog this week. You've inspired me.

wordnerd said...

woa, what beautiful people you are! I love the way these pictures captures your love...which is depicted here as tender, sweet, wild and robust.

Starshine....also (I'll say it again) you are simply gorgeous...where did you get that hair? seriously!

Thanks for sharing some of them with us! It was a nice way to start the day.

Ana Litchfield said...

It is so nice to see you both so happy! Way to go Brian!!

ML said...

What amazing photos! I love the sunset one! You both look so happy.

J at said...

Great pictures! In the one you used as a header, you can see a bit of his foot...but for all we know, you could be a beautiful mermaid, come up from the sea for true love...that's why you got wet!

I think my favorites are the header one, and the one that could be Spain. They're all gorgeous, but those two are my favs. :)

Beenzzz said...

All of the pictures are so romantic. The second one cracked me up. All of them seem to show a different element of your relationship. I have to say it again, but falling in love is such a beautiful thing.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I like the header one best.

J at said...

So I went and looked at your photographer's website, and totally found your pictures in the gallary! You gorgeous couple you! (In the headshots section, that is.)

Ally Bean said...

Each photo is more lovely than the one before. Thanks for sharing them with us. I *sigh* thinking about how lovely your weather is and how happy you two look.

Starshine said...

Don Boscoe-Definitely post your pics! Can't wait to see them!

WordNerd-You are sweet and now I'm just going to have to have a good self-esteem day! My Dad and my maternal grandmother are/were both red-heads, so it runs in the family. :) Thank you for your compliments.

Beanzzz-Love IS grand!

J-The photographer is a friend of ours. She has a great personality, which made us feel really at ease during the shoot.

Ana and ML-Thanks for the good wishes. We really are happy. I feel truly blessed to have eSuitor in my life!

Laura-I like the photo of you and your hubby holding hands on your blog. :)

Ally Bean-I heard the Chicago area had some snow over the weekend. Unbelievable! (It snowed in Texas, too!) I hope you'll be greeted by some warm spring weather really soon! *Flowers!*

Buttercup said...

Starshine - Those are GREAT pics!! You look absolutely gorgeous and I second Wordnerd's admiration for your lovely red hair (and eSuitor is very handsome!). You both look so happy and in love. It makes me happy just looking at the pictures.

Sharon said...

Love the pictures-they speak a lot about your love!. Your photographer is awesome!

Cherry said...

I love how she was able to really capture the love between you two.


Love Bears All Things said...

I love the sunset one best!

Emery Jo said...

amazing. just amazing.