Wednesday, August 29, 2007

As if putting you through Operation: String Bikini weren't enough.

As you know, my attempt at pre-wedding weight loss was a total bust. I got over it, though, and wore my string bikinis in Kauai anyway. And my man thinks I'm hot. *bonus!* (I actually made Husby take this picture of me in Kauai as proof that I really wore it! :) It's amazing what I'll do for my blog!)

However, I have been having some weird gastrointestinal issues lately, and frankly...I'm sick of waking up feeling full from dinner the night before when I didn't even eat that much. So, I decided on Saturday night that I would take action, and this week, I have been eating a vegetarian diet. Lots of fibre and fruits and vegetables.

Oh, and I'm doing a colon cleanse, too.

That's right. I'm taking my colon to the cleaners! (Aren't you glad you're still reading? I'm really glad that you are because Husby has told me that I am no longer allowed to talk to him about poop for thirty more years. He figures that by then we'll be old enough for those discussions.)

It's a 10-day cleanse that involves (step 1) taking three pills a half-hour before dinner that are supposed to improve your liver function. A half-hour after dinner, I dissolve a scoop of fibre in water and try to drink it without regurgitating (step 2). It helps if I hold my nose, as it is the consistency of cold, watered-down oatmeal with a hint of seaweed scent. Finally (step 3), I take three more pills that "sweep" my colon free of the toxins that were captured during during steps 1 & 2. Let's just say that thus far, the cleanse has delivered on its promise of a healthy morning BM. (Ewww. I hate that expression! I much prefer the term "to do a doodle".)

According to a speaker I once heard, the human colon can hold up to 30 pounds of unpassed food. A cleansed colon is also widely acknowleged as an important part of overall health. A healthy colon promotes a healthy body. I'm hopeful that at the end of this ten day cleanse, I may drop a few pounds and feel a little lighter on my feet. I don't know how long I'll continue with the veggie diet. I did it once for a year in 2002-2003, and I dropped a significant amount of weight. I'm not too fixated on being a certain "number", but I would like to wake up in the morning feeling vital and healthy instead of full and lethargic.

Hope you're having a doodle-y-do-da day!


Sharon said...

You look enviable wonderful in a bikini!

Anonymous said...

All I can think of to say is: you go girl! :-)

Windy said...

First, I want to say you look great! Second, I totally understand the gastrointestinal issues. (insert sarcastic tone here) The best part is talking with my cute, young, Clark Kent looking Doctor.... about poop! How embarrasing!

Beenzzz said...

You look awesome in your bathing suit!

Susan said...

Just one question: where's the fat you wanted to lose?? We should all have such "weight problems!" :)

Starshine said...

Sharon, Beenzzz, and Windy: Thanks for the sweet comments. I promise that I didn't post that photo b/c I was fishing for encouraging words. Not at all! I just wanted to celebrate my string bikini wearin' on my honeymoon. :)

Susan: I'm not as hung up on weight issues as it may seem. I don't think I have a weight problem as much as that I just feel my metabolism slowing as I get a little older. Mostly, I want to feel vital and healthy. The other thing is that this entertainment industry I work in prizes thinness, so that is always in the back of my mind in order to be competitive for jobs. Sad, but true.

J at said...

I'll fourth everyone else and say you were smokin' up that beach!

I've always wondered about those colon cleanse things...if someone eats a healthy diet with lots of fruit and veggies, has regular doodles, do they still have a problem? Hmmmm.

I, for one, will be interested to hear of your progress. :)

Cherry said...

Oh we have poop talk in our house regularly... and sometimes, not regularly (HAH! doodle joke!), but lately with the whole surgery thing, it's just sort of par for the course in the things I report on to my lovey.

BTW - I too HATE the term BM. My mom says 'movement', which is still gross! She also refers to the need as "the calling" which again... wrong!

Let us know how you feel after your 10 days. I've personally been considering this as well.

Autumn's Mom said...

you are too cute! I'm glad you wore your bikini on your honeymoon. I hope the cleanse works for ya. For me, eliminating fatty and fast food helps me feel better in the morning.

Happy doodling to ya! haha

Heather :) said...

You look AWESOME in your bikini! should wear them more often!! :) You Hot Thing you!!!

hellomelissa said...

eh, i was all fat this summer but wore a bikini anyway. after being in the dominican republic and seeing ALL walks of life not only in bikinis but also topless, i've lost some amount of inhibition.

Buttercup said...

I don't know who that crazy commenter is, I'll just ignore them and go on to what's important: You look GREAT in your bikini!! So cute! About the colon cleanse, I'm fascinated. I USED to do things like that. Be healthy, think about my colon etc... Used to, used to, used to. I feel a post coming on. I applaud you taking care of yourself. The idea of 30 pounds of unpassed food makes me want to vomit.