Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Happy Honeymooners

Husby and I had a wonderful honeymoon in Kauai. I had never been to Hawaii before, and I always hoped that I would go there on my honeymoon.

The island of Kauai is one of the least commercialized of the islands--not a lot of high rise hotels--lots of natural, unspoiled beauty. We stayed for the first half of our time in the more arid town of Poipu in a condo that Husby found online. It was fabulous--just renovated and nicely decorated. We were on the third floor and every night we slept with our sliding glass door open, as the sound of the crashing waves sang us nature's sweet lullaby.

At "The Beach House" restuarant in Poipu at sunset.

We spent the second half of our time in the tropical, more humid climate of Princeville, located on Hanalei Bay. I absolutely fell in love with Hanalei Bay and the north end of the island in general. I'm still dreaming of the Hanalei Gormet (a local lunch place) where we went twice to feast on their fresh grilled Ahi (yellowfin tuna) sandwiches with dill mayo. YUM!

An afternoon shower would roll through like clockwork, dust us with a little rain, and leave almost as quickly as it time even leaving a rainbow in its wake (not pictured here).

The Taro fields of Hanalei. Isn't the lushness gorgeous?

A view of Bali Hai and Hanalei Bay at sunset.

Highlights of the trip included:

~A helicopter tour of the island the allowed us to see the Na Pali Coast and the inside of a volcano with waterfalls cascading down the side.

~Breakfast on the terrace of our hotel as we took in the spectacular view. We agreed that it must be one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Sometimes the previous day's showers would create waterfalls down the mountainside. Now that we're home, we like to sit at our breakfast table and remember the incredible view we had in Kauai and then say things like, "Where did our waterfall go?"

One Sunday morning, our hotel had an incredible brunch buffet. Since they were offering it, I thought it really would be wrong NOT to partake of a Grand Marnier crepe with vanilla bean ice cream and hot fudge. Yeah...I made the right decision!

~Snorkeling at Ke'e Beach with sea turtles.

Beautiful Ke'e Beach is in a peaceful cove protected by a coral reef, which makes for little wave action and clear water--perfect conditions for snorkeling.

~Zip lining across the valley below Mt. Waialeale--the wettest place on earth!

~Going to Secret Beach and swimming in the Secret Lava Pools. So much unspoiled beauty!

~Watching the sunset from the hammock of our hotel on our last night was pretty romantic!


Autumn's Mom said...

Very Beautiful. I hope to go to Hawaii someday. If I ever remarry...that's where I want to do it :D

Zip lining looks like crazy fun!

ML said...

How lovely! What a wonderful start to your marriage.

We want to go there in a couple of years for our 5th anniversary.

Ginger said...

Was it really as good as it sounds? Cause it sounds too good to be true. The kind of honeymoon Cindarella might have had!

Starshine said...


It really was Cinderella-riffic. But since I also like to keep things real, I will say that I got a sunburn on our first day at the beach. I called it my pinto-burn because I definitely applied sunscreen, just not over two patches of skin. So I had a pink right upper arm and a pink left armpit region for the next several days. The other bummer was that we both caught colds...probably on the airplane ride. Husby got over his pretty quicky, but mine lingered and then turned into a sinus infection/chest cold. PTL, our family doctor called in an antibiotic prescription for me! Still, our colds didn't get in the way of our fun! We just powered through the phlegm. Aren't you glad you asked? ;)

Anonymous said...

Some of the best food I've ever had was in Hawaii. Maui was the same way, beautiful and peaceful and quiet. I didn't like Oahu for the opposite reason. But it's totally true - Hawaii really is that magical.

Beenzzz said...

That looks like a wonderful honeymoon! We went to Hawaii about 3 years ago with family. It was fun, but I'd like to go back again with just D. and Zoe. :)

wordnerd said... two look very happy, relaxed and connected. What a great place in which to feel all of those things.

Oh yea...and you look like you were getting lucky too! Glad you had a great honeymoon...I suspect the string bikinis were a HIT!

Anonymous said...

We've been to Kauai and it is magical and free from stress. Your photos are so lovely. I want to be there right now. *sigh*

Katie Bearden said...

I love your pictures, and all of your super fun dresses! I hope you are enjoying your newlywed life! PS. I think I have that same yellow swimsuit. It's one of my favorites!

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

That is so beautiful!
What a wonderful time!!

Perfect wedding, perfect honeymoon... and now the new days begin together.

Very, very good.

Big huge hugs! Good love and good luck!

Scarlett & V.