Friday, October 26, 2007

Friday Reflection

Sometimes when Friday arrives, I feel so relieved because not much has been going on that week work-wise. The weekend is like a kind voice that says, "I'm here now, so you have a good excuse for the next two days to not be working."

Other times, my week is jam packed so full of auditions, class, rehearsals, etc, that the weekend arrives like a voice that says, "Surprise! I'm here! Chill out for a couple!"

Last week was definitely like the latter. This week was much more like the former. Last week was full of activity and momentum. This week...not so much.

Yesterday, I was up in Los Angeles for acting class. After class, I met a friend for dinner, but I had a couple hours to kill between class and dinner, so I went to the mall. In the midst of the normal activity of walking from store to store, David Hasselhoff walked right past me. As I trailed behind him (we were walking in the same direction), I heard people saying hello to him and shouting out, "David!". It was kind of surreal--and a nice reminder that celebrities are people, too. I was looking for a lesson in my celebrity sighting, and all I can figure is that it was meant to encourage me.

Some days, I feel like I'm just not doing enough. But yesterday, I realized how much I have done. I moved halfway across the country to be in this town. I have learned a solid technique for film acting over the last two years. I have a commercial agent and I'm eligible to join Screen Actors Guild (two goals that I set for myself when I moved here). I mean, seriously, David Hasselhoff shops at my mall! I'm out here! I'm doing this thing! No regrets. Pursuing my dreams. Suddenly, life looks pretty good.


J at said...

I know...sometimes I feel like I'm not doing the life I want isn't quite the same as the life I have. Other times I'm pretty happy with my life as is.

wordnerd said...

this post made me's good to have those "AHA" moments when you realize that you are INDEED doing what is supposed to be done.

You really have done a TON in the past year....a ton for which you should be really proud!

You know that you have a serious fan out in this part of Atlantic Canada!

Have a great weekend friend, may it be warm, affectionate and full of laughter.

Mrs. G. said...

Starshine, you are such a breath of fresh air. Was Hassellhoff sober? Just kidding.

Jilly said...

That makes my heart smile. : )

JeanKNC said...

Hey STAR (Tia Tracey)
Jean here .. Anne's madre!
I soooo much ... SOOO much ...
enjoy what you share. YOU
have STAR all over you .. over
your future ..over your "Auntdom"
(Tiadom) ... you are GETTING IT
DONE (prepared) .. and then there
is the Hub.. PRAYING for Annie
and BEth's 'hubs'... E suitors
to ARRIVE! It's all about
POSITIONING! God bless you,
Ti Amo! Jean

hellomelissa said...

the hoff! oh, you are so lucky. i'd have been tempted to ask him where kitt was.

Love Bears All Things said...

About a year ago, I was in Houston with J on business. We were dining in our hotel which was in the theatre district. I have to explain here that I am a people watcher. So, I noticed her walk in and heard some of what was said. I felt sure it was her. Then he walked in and joined the lady and her friend. I took out a pen and wrote on a piece of paper for J to read. "That's Dixie Carter and Hal Holbrook over there." He looked and said it sure is. I didn't make a big deal about it or anything but I felt good, you know?
Mama Bear