Sunday, October 28, 2007

It's a Super Sassy Sunday!

Warning: This is one of my more narcissistic posts. But when a girl’s feelin’ sassy, she just needs to shout it from the rooftops!

Starshine’s Recipe for Feelin’ Sassy:

1. Go to Target and buy this super-cute sweater. Hubs likes it because it hugs the curves. Starshine likes it because she feels fabulous in it!

2. Sometimes a small change in the way she wears her hair makes Starshine feel like a new woman. This week she showed her confident colors by breaking out her sewing scissors and cutting her bangs. She thinks fringe is fun! (She would also appreciate it if you don't mention the part about cutting her own bangs with sewing scissors to her hairdresser.)

3. It also elated her that her new mustard-colored sweater looked great with these earrings she’s had since she lived in Spain.

4. The best part about her sassy new get-up: getting to wear her wedding sandals.

Starshine wishes you a wonderful week!


wordnerd said...

sassy and sexy! that's our girl!
Have a good week!

Beenzzz said...

Very nice! Love the shoes, the outfit, your bangs, and the earrings!!

Dee said...

Great sweater and lovely earrings to go with as well.

target seems to be having nice clothes thses days..I just got a blue vlouse from there, which I really like.!!

J at said...

You are totally brave to go at your bangs with sewing scissors! And you did a good job of it, too! Yay you!

Very sassy indeed!

ML said...

Very sassy, indeed! I like!

Jennifer Disney said...

And you DID look sassy! I saw you from afar and went, "Wow! That's a sassy lady!"
Thanks for having lunch with me yesterday.

Autumn's Mom said...

Dot thinks you are bring SASSY back sister!

Cherry said...

Love the new sweater! What a great find!

And I agree with J.... you did a great job on your bangs. The last time I trimmed my bangs they just kept getting shorter and shorter - trying to even them out.

Anonymous said...

Very pretty sweater. Great ears. Love the sandals. Don't you love when things come together like this?

Mrs. G. said...

Starshine, you are looking extra shiny today. Mums the word on the bang does feel like beautician betrayal. Love the sandals and that you still wear them.

Buttercup said...

Starshine - You look fantasic!! Love the hair, love the bangs, and love the sweater. xo