Monday, October 29, 2007


Thanks for this idea, Dot!

10 years ago, I was living in New York City, going to The Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre, having the time of my life. I still view that as one of the best times in my life! I was growing up and discovering who I was. Plus, I was studying acting like it was my full-time job, so I was so very alive!

20 years ago, I was in eighth grade. My family had just moved, so I was getting settled into my new community and my new school. In retrospect, that move was one of the best things for my family. It rooted us in the community that my mom still lives in today. It is the place that I consider home. It is the place where I was married and celebrated the happiest day of my life!

30 years ago, I was a toddler. I was also a big sister to a one year old Jilly. Now she's gonna have a baby herself! I think it would be so cool if our kids will one day be close friends as well as cousins. I also hope that my own children will grow up to be as dear to one another as Jilly and I are to each other. I love you, Sissy!


Jilly said...

Awww Tway Tway. That was very sweet! Me and baby H love you too. Shmyanama!!!!!!

J at said...

Very cute meme. :)

Mrs. G. said...

Well,Starshine, in order for you and Jilly's kids to play and grow up together, you are going to have to have one. Hmmmm...interesting.

Cherry said...

Do you hear it? Because I hear it. There is so much joy in your writing. Not that there isn't usually, but I REALLY hear it in this MeMe.

ML said...

What an awesome meme, Starshine!

Trish said...

Hey Starshine! Thanks for stopping by my blog...I'm going to poke around here for a minute or three if that's ok?

A thought...what if you were to project what you see yourself doing/being in ten years too?

Good post.

Starshine said...

Hi Trish,

Thanks for stopping by!

In ten years, I see myself as a mother and working as an actress on a comedic episodic television show. I'll still be in love with my Hubs, and cherishing my family relationships and friendships as much as ever.