Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Two Good Movies

Over the past several days, Hubs and I have seen two fantastic movies.

The first was Bella. It is a sweet film about the relationship between a waitress (who discovers she is pregnant with an unplanned baby) and a cook at the restaurant she works at (who is not the father of the pregnancy, and who is carrying around a dark issue from his past). It is a moving story about their journey as friends and how they ultimately help each other find redemption in their tragic situations.

The second film we saw tonight at a special screening at the Writers' Guild Theatre in Beverly Hills. 3:10 to Yuma is an awesome western with another redemptive story. The movie is about a lot of things, but mostly it is about a man whose family misunderstands his integrity as weakness, and the amazing journey he takes with his son that rights that misunderstanding.

I highly recommend both movies. Hubs also enjoyed both movies, so both would work for a date night!


hellomelissa said...

my hub goes to movies like 4x a week. i go like 4x a year! the last one was across the universe and since i'm a sucker for song, dance, and bold visuals i loved it.

J at said...

Thanks for the recommendations... We don't go too often, but it's always good to know what's out there. :)

Mrs. G. said...

Thanks for the recs, Starshine. I have not heard of Bella but have been wanting to see Yuma. I am a huge fan of westerns. Mr. G. and I just finished all the seasons of HBO's Deadwood...about the frontier during the gold rush. We loved it, but don't rent it if you are bothered by serious will scar you for life.