Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Master Class

Tonight, I attended a master class put on by Women in Film on writing for TV. It was taught by Ellen Sandler, a co-executive producer and writer for Everybody Loves Raymond. She talked about working as a female writer for shows that are driven by male characters. It was fascinating to learn about her process, and I appreciated her "no-nonsense" approach.

After feeling like I've been in a bit of a creative black hole for a while, it was really refreshing to have an iron on the fire again. I also got to network a bit after the class, and met a man who teaches a class called "The Business of Acting" (dealing with the business-side of marketing oneself as an actor), which I think I could benefit from.

When I told Ellen that I am developing a screenplay for a short film, her recommendation was to make it really short, and then to put it on YouTube. She said that agencies are now hiring people solely for the purpose of scouring YouTube for talent. Amazing, huh?


Anonymous said...

That is amazing about YouTube. A good suggestion, perhaps? You'll tell us all about it first, though, right?

Cherry said...

Sounds like a great class for you (both of them). I hope you're able to quickly get back into your creative groove.
I love that tip about YouTube though. I hope that pans out,and like Ally said... you'll send us the linky link right?

Off the subject tidbit:
YouTube/Google just leased out the building our company was wanting to move into (the very cool but now empty GAP headquarters - downsizing). Sigh, we must remain in our uncool boring office space, and expand into YouTube's old office. Sloppy seconds!