Thursday, November 29, 2007

Girls' Night Out!

Once a month, The Melting Pot (my fave fondue restaurant) hosts a Girls' Night Out. So my three friends and I decided to splurge in honor of the holiday season for a little celebration!

Skewer power!

The drink special of the night was a cherry lemon drop. It was sugary and resembled a lemonade with a shot of cherry tylenol.

This was the cheese fondue that is now happily residing on my hips.

It's really nice to have these girl friends here in my new community. Thanks for a fun night, girls!


J at said...

If the cheese fondue is on your hips, where will the chocolate fondue go? For me, probably the tummy. :)

Glad you had fun! Looks like a great time.

Christine said...

Nothing like a little fondue and "red-blooded American girl-talk" to kick off the holiday season! I had a blast, ladies...we'll have to make it a tradition! :)

Jennifer Disney said...

You look SO sassy with that cherry tylenol goodness! :) Thanks for a fantastic time! Always a blast!

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

Fondue restaurants are the best.

Glad you had fun with the girls, glad you remembered the camera so that you could share it!

Looks like it was SO MUCH FUN!!

Scarlett & Viaggiatore

Cherry said...

Ohhh... I dream of someday going to a fondue place. I heart CHEESE!

Sounds like you girls had a fun night out!