Monday, November 26, 2007

Nanners and Oatmeal

This morning, Hubs made me oatmeal with ground up flax seed in it. YUM! Only problem was, we were fresh out of brown sugar, and Starshine doesn't do unsweetend oatmeal. What to do? I savagely scoped out the kitchen for some sweet salvation, and gloria in excelsis!...I spotted a banana. I mashed it up as if I were making baby food, and mixed it into my oatmeal, added a splash of vanilla organic light soymilk, and MMM-MMMMMMMMMMM! It was delicious! Not too sweet, but just enough to keep me feeling healthy and my sweet tooth satisfied.

Now, scroll down to yesterday's post to see pics of my Thanksgiving in Virginia! (I'm feeling a little bossy today--don't mind me!)

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Cherry said...

I started having oatmeal at the office and realized I didn't have any brown sugar there, so I started using the little vanilla creamers people add to their coffee. It was pretty darn tasty!

I'll have to give the mushed nanners a try!