Sunday, November 11, 2007

Remembering Honey

When I was 16 years old, my family got an adorable little honey-colored Lhasa Apso. We immediately fell in love with her sweet, laid-back nature. She wasn't much of a yipper for a small dog. Very quiet and loving. She stuck closer to my mom than her own shadow, and was a very loyal dog. Honey lived a long life--16 years! She died two years ago on November 10, 2005. I wrote my mom and sister this note that day:

Dear Mom and Jilly,

I just want to say that I love you both so much. I know we are all sad about Honey. She was the best dog a family could ever have! And when I think that we had her for 16 years, I just feel blessed--I've known her half my life!

It's funny...I know I'm not an animal person. But Honey is the exception to my rule! It was so sad to see her suffering over the summer, but it was probably the most quality time that I had spent with her in years. And I'm thankful for that time.

As we say good-bye to Honey, I just want to say that I loved her, and she was such a GOOD GIRL!!!




Susan said...

Awww, I loved Honey. You need to post a pic of her, Starshine! She was a cutie too. We just lost our Candy (Red Tri Aussie) last month after 13.5 years. It's tough to lose a pet. Did your mom get another dog?

Mrs. G. said...

I had a dalmatian named Bella who was the best dog in the world. I think of her often. Honey sounds like a sweetie.

Autumn's Mom said...

awww My grandparents had to Lhas Apso's. One was Mopsy, and when she sat down, she looked like a mop. And the other was Muffy (or Bonzo as my Papa called him.) He was a little neurotic, but he made my grandparents happy.

J at said...

My grandparents also had a lhasa apso, named PeeDee. PeeDee inspired my first words:
"Where's the little dog?" :)

My beloved doggie, Samantha, was also a GOOD GIRL, and I had her for 16 years. She died almost 20 years ago, but I still think of her, still dream of her, still miss her. Don't tell Gen, but that Samantha was the best dog ever. Shhh. (Gen's a GOOD GIRL too!)

Cherry said...

So sad!
I've had a number of really good pets through the years. Recently my first cat who I had for 18 years has been in my dreams, and when I wake up I try to get my current cats, of 10 years, to cuddle with me. Of course they have no idea why Mama is attacking them when all they want is breakfast.

Ana L. said...

I have a "honey" of my own..her name is Stella. I tell everyone I meet that she is an angel sent from God...I really mean that too. Thanks God!

Kim said...

I have a Honey too...She's a Pomeranian and 4. Honeys are lovable, aren't they? (:

Love Bears All Things said...

I've had two dogs named Honey.
Mama Bear