Thursday, November 01, 2007


Every week in my acting class, someone different gets up at the beginning to do a creative scene. The creative scene is an opportunity for the actor to get up in front of the class and take a creative risk. It can be by doing a monologue that is a real stretch, singing opera, or trying out a standup routine (to name only a few examples). The only real rules are that you have to take a risk and you have to do it in 2-5 minutes.

Today was my day to do the creative scene.

In 1999, I remember hearing an amazing Alanis Morisette song called "Unsent". The lyrics were all unsent letters to her ex-boyfriends. As I was thinking about what I would do for my creative scene, I got the idea to write my own unsent letters and read the words that I never said to them to my class.

The exercise was a total success! The class was riveted, and it was very cathartic for me. After getting all the ickies out of my system by reading the letters to my exboyfriends, I really got choked up when I read the final letter which was written to Hubs:

Dear Hubs,

You are God’s great gift to me—the great love of my life. What we share is untouchable, and I love you with all of my heart.



Jennifer Disney said...

I'm so glad everyone loved it! I got choked up hearing your letter to Hubs. :)

Nerevised said...

I love a woman who loves her husband!

Cedar Waxwing said...

What a unique idea!

Got here from the NaBloPoMo randomizer.

canknitian said...

How wonderful! I am -- as ever -- so happy for you and Hubs!

Thanks, too, for your comment the other day. I use worsted weight cotton (Bernat Handicrafter cotton is easy to find here...Peaches and Cream is the same kind of thing) for all of my dishcloths. It's superabsorbent and really does the trick!


J at said...

What a great idea. :) Very cathartic to the exes, very loving to the now.

hellomelissa said...

great way to pitch all those skeletons out of your closet!

Mrs. G. said...

Lucky hubs.

ML said...

Wow, I got all choked up too! What a great exercise.