Sunday, January 13, 2008

Because I Feel Like Sharing

-I have been doing South Beach Diet for the last week. After the holidays, I looked down at the scale and realized that I have never weighed as much as I do now. I have gained 8 pounds since the wedding. YIKES! Since starting Phase 1 (the introductory and most strict phase of the diet), I have lost almost five pounds. Yea! When I finish Phase 1, Hubs is going to jump in and do Phase 2 with me. He really doesn't need too, but he pretty much eats South Beach style anyway, and he wants to show a little solidarity. Yea, Hubs!

-I have some fun plans this week. The one I am most excited about is going to see the musical The Color Purple with my friend.

-Sunday school was good this morning. We are in the midst of a month-long series called "Marital Hedges" on how to protect your marriage from the threat of an extra-marital affair. I creeps me out to even write about, but I guess it's a worthwhile thing to think about now when things are good.

-Last Wednesday, I went to a book group I'm part of, and I shared with the group my thoughts about buying a video camera. When I told them the two models I am considering buying, one of them spoke up and said that she owns one of them, and I was welcome to borrow it to see how I like it. I picked it up from her the next day, and I hope to shoot a video tomorrow to post on YouTube. Of course you know I'll post it here, too, once it's ready!


Autumn's Mom said...

The gym is calling my name! Can't wait to see your video. I have been so lazy lately about taking pics and videos.

Have a fabulous week!

J at said...

You should do a post or two about what you learn in the marriage class. I'm sure much of it could be useful to others.

I'm looking forward to seeing your video!

ALF said...

very excited about the video! very jealous of your weight loss success.

josey said...

wow, lots of exciting things going on! i've somewhat incorporated south beach into my diet as well. more than anything, it got me to eating some new foods that are very healthy for me! i'm sure you'll do great :D

i agree with j--you should definitely post about the marriage series if you feel comfortable doing so. i know what you mean about feeling creeped out tho. infidelity is so common...and ppl think nothing of it...its so heartbreaking. i'll throw up some extra prayers for you and hubs to learn lots! :)

of course i'm superdooper excited about seeing your first vid!! woohoo!! have FUN!

Mrs. G. said...

What a coincidence. I am non day four of phase one. I am holding strong, but I am lusting for some oatmeal. I won't get on the scale until I have completed this phase. Have fun at TPC. How cool.

Christine said...

Hey! I can't wait to see your video...all the way over here in Africa. :) I love technology! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your notes, too! Very encouraging!! :)