Monday, February 11, 2008

Using My Words

It's been forever since I've sat myself down to actually write something worth reading. I have some really good excuses though.

1.) I've been sick. Cold. Fever. Snot. Enough said.
2.) My upstairs neighbors enjoy blaring their merengue music so loud that comprehensible thoughts can't find their way into my mind for all the noise. My feet, though, are tappin' to the ritmo!
3.) The presidential race is ON, people...and I, for one, have been a little obsessed. I alternate between news stations to see what's news!

This morning, though, after I woke up and blew my nose nine times, I went to turn on the television, only to realize that our cable is out.

What? No news? No Anderson 360? No Situation Room? *paces room and remembers...* Oh yeah, I have original thoughts in my head. Go to computer. Write blog post.

So there you have it! On my first day back writing a real post in a long while, I'm going to fill you on the above mentioned three things that have been occupying my time.

1.) Colds are icky. However, Hubs and I have found that if we begin a regimen of Zycam (a homeopathic over-the-counter goo that you stick up your nose) and Airborne (a multivitamin/herbal disc that you drop in to water to fizz and then drink) at the first sign of a cold coming on, it seems to limit the duration and severity of the cold. And even if it doesn't, I like to think that it does so I can at least feel like I'm being proactive about warding off the stinkin' cold.

2.) The music upstairs is taking me back to seventh grade when my mom signed me up for ballroom dancing classes and I learned merengue from a man with a perm. I distinctly remember wearing my oversized pale yellow and white striped sweater with shoulder pads and coordinating flats during that season of life.

3.) Is it just me, or is this primary election making for a very good race? I have been following both parties. This presidential election is a very important one for our nation. Has a particular candidate captured your mind? I am rooting for the underdog...go Huckabee! I like him because he is articulate, diplomatic, good-humored, and a man of faith and integrity. Plus, when I took the Presidential Candidate Calculator test back in mid-November, he was the candidate with whom I was most aligned.

Ahhh...I've missed blogging. I'll write more soon!


diadelkendall said...

add some echinacea to your regimen. it is ddk approved. good to hear from you.

J at said...

Welcome back. ;) I heard a doctor on the radio say that airborn etc. doesn't really work, that nothing works to cure a cold...only alleviate the symptoms. The best remedy is to not get sick, and the best thing to prevent that is washing your hands a LOT. Of course, we all do that, and everyone gets sick sometimes. But the doctor went on to say that taking Airborne made him feel like he was doing something, so he does it too, even though the studies say it doesn't work. Funny!

I'm all Hillary, all the time, but if Barak wins the Dem nomination, I'll be all Barak, all the time. I'm flip-floppy that way, but really, they have a lot in common, and not so much not in common, if that makes sense. :)

I've been more interested in this race than any before in my life, I gotta say!

josey said...

welcome back? hehe! i'm sorry you're not feeling above the weather. hehe! i have to admit that i havent had a cold or flu for over two years! my secret? GARLIC! real, fresh garlic. in everything. (almost.) and no, i dont stink like it. haha! also...coconut oil/milk, echinacea tea and essential oils (like lavender for one) to kill germs around the house. all of the above are anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal to help keep away the ickies! and also help keep your immune system at peak so you dont get sick in the first place :D

one thing i have heard is that at the first sign of a cold, eat a whole clove of garlic (or two, if you can stand it). crush it first, tho--and let it sit for 5-10 minutes before consuming it. it allows the special goodies to develop that will help fight off your cold or flu! (btw you dont have to chew it, you can swallow it whole! ewww, i know.)

also...stay away from carbs (esp refined ones) while you're not feeling well. they feed the ickies! if you're still on the south beach diet, you should have no problem with this part :D

okay there's my 2.5 cents. LOL!! sorry, i cant help but share!

and i am SO GLAD i dont wear shoulder pads and flats anymore! EEP! hahahah...(aqua net and "wall of bangs" anyone? hahha!!)

Ally said...

I've had the same obsession with watching the election coverage like I never have before. No working cable!?? The horror!

I followed the link and took the quiz. I came out in line with Obama at the top, Huckabee in the middle and McCain at the bottom. Interesting. I never realized how liberal I seem to be in comparison to the whole.

Hope you're feeling better-- and that the cable is working again.

Autumn's Mom said...

Shoulder pads and flats! I remember back then, my shoulders were already so big (or so it seemed at the time) that I'd always cut those suckers out of my sweaters. I'm sorry you've been sick. It was a bad one, I had it myself.

Deb said...

I have been pretty obssessed with this primary race as well. For me, I think that I was too young and dumb to care in the past. Now, I'm just older and not much smarter.

But, I like both Hillary and Obama, but prefer Obama. I know that I am a woman and should feel obligated to swing that way, but I just don't. Does not mean that I don't hold a tremendous amount of respect for her. Initially I was and have been salivating over Edwards, but we all know what happened there. I'm still rooting for a miraculous comeback or a realistic VP Nom.

Anyway, this Oklahoma girl loves your posts!

Anonymous said...

It is too bad that your faith leads you to sameness: white conservative men. Don't you think that they have done enough damage?

These men have lead you to war and the killing of innocents, made your country hated by most on the international scene (which increases terror against your state), have endagered the environment, condemned torture and refouled refugees to countries where they can be killed, supported the death penalty andhalted medical research that could perhaps save hundreds of thousands...

Don't you want the world to change?

You are an actress....think of all the possibilities!

Your Wanda character is excellent...the only critique is that she "reflects" too much. The charm of such a character is that she is spontaneous and wears her heart on her sleeve.

Starshine said...

Anonymous -

My faith has helped make me a more open-minded person.

I recently wrote a favorable post about Hillary Clinton.

I have also written about my disillusionment with George W. Bush and our current government.

I would love for America to have a woman President or a minority President during my lifetime, but I also need to consider the issues. I think that not voting for Huckabee just because he is a white conservative male is closed-minded, and I don't live my life that way. As I said, I am following both parties, and I will stay open to all candidates leading up to the election.

By the way, who are you? I don't mind a negative/critical comment on my blog, but I would rather it come from an identifiable source, so that I know who I am bantering with.

Susan said...

Sorry about your cold Starshine! We are suffering too. Good for you with the more natural remedies!

And to anonymous--I think the anon. thing is odd and I think that attributing the failures of this country to white men is even more odd, BUT you have a point on a few things.

What about Ron Paul though? He's male and white (so what?), but he hates the same things you (and I) do and frankly is the ONLY CANDIDATE ON EITHER SIDE WHO REALLY FOLLOWS THE CONSTITUTION OF THIS COUNTRY. It's so odd to me that that isn't important to more people. Without our Constitution as Law then WHAT IS our Law? At present it appears to be the whim of whoever is in office. That's frightening beyond belief.

Ron Paul is a Christian and an honorable and honest man who's principles are in line with God's Word. No other candidate's ideas do. As far as I'm concerned he is the only candidate that had any real substance--the rest are just show.

Jilly said...

I like blogs for the reason that the author of the blog is free to write about whatever he/she chooses. I am proud to call you my sister. You are so smart and that intelligence permeates even your light hearted, humor based posts. ARE my sis!

Starshine said...

Thank you, Jilly! LYLAS and TTF! :)


Susan said...

Hi Jill! When are you due? April? I'm 43 and due with number 5 in June. First came Erica and then 4 boys. lol I hope you're healthy and happy!