Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Wanda's Personal Superhero

This is the third video of the Wanda series. Enjoy!


J at said...

Way too cute! I have to know, does Wanda do peddies as well and mannies? And, can I get a margarita with my pedicure, because that always seemed like the perfect combo to me.

Love the gum smackin'. Tell Wanda not to try to get 'babies' like Dollys, k? Those are God's work, and shouldn't be attempted by man. ;)

josey said...

HAHAH! i cant believe wanda said the "b" word. heheeh!! hmmm, makes me wonder now if i myself might have some superpowers...*snickers*

great to see wanda again!! i was just telling hubby the other day...i wonder when wanda's gonna show up again! i made him watch your other two vids. he tried to hide his chuckles. ;) boys!!

Starshine said...

J, you're the best.

There is a nail place near my mom's house that does mani/pedi/martini combo. I think margaritas would be better!

Wanda actually said "boobies", but with her accent and all...sometimes it can be confusing. ;)



Thanks for your support! You can bet I'll be sharing more videos when I make them!

Jennifer Disney said...

Oh my gosh. I've heard this before and I still laughed out loud!

Anonymous said...

Wanda, you inspired me!'re hilarious, Tracy! Yes, I would do anything (almost) to have good boobies again...nursing 3 babies just does something to ya! Speaking of babies, how is Jill doing?

Love Kerith

Lexi said...

Dolly Parton is Wanda's hero, I should have guessed, HA! I'd like to hear a top Ten list of things Wanda either likes or dislikes, I'm sure either one would be a hoot.

Mrs. G. said...

Every manicure is a miracle? Wanda, you are a hoot. You are my superhero.

wordnerd said...

Every Manicure is a miracle.....that almost made me shoot juice out of my nose!