Saturday, April 12, 2008

A Letter to Samuel

Dear Samuel,

You are just a little five pound three ounce nugget right now, and we haven't officially met yet. I did talk to you when you were still inside your mommy, but I don't know if you could hear me very well. Still, it would be cool if there were something familiar about my voice when we meet face to face. (I'll be the one forever talking to you in baby talk. It might get old after awhile, but you'll adjust to it, just like Hubs has.)  :)

Yesterday, when you were born, your daddy took a picture of you on his cell phone and sent it out for us to see.  As soon as I saw your adorable scrunched up little face, I got all teary. You are such a little miracle. 

I talked to your mommy shortly after you were born. She said that you are so cute and sounded so content and proud. She asked me to call our dad to tell him about your arrival, since she was pretty tired from giving birth to you and groggy from the drugs. He couldn't have been happier. You made him a grandpa, after all! We have known for years that he wants to be called "Bronco" by his grandchildren. He was a rodeo cowboy and rode bucking bulls, and he still lives the cowboy life on a ranch in Texas. So I think it is particularly fitting that your middle name is Colt.

Your grandma called me after she saw you yesterday and said you are just perfect! She talked about how small you are, since you arrived early, and said that you have flawless baby skin. She said your dad is such a natural with you and that he already bought you a little Texas A&M hat. Sam, I'm afraid that you are going to be an Aggie, whether or not you want to be. Just know that if you ever have an urge to break free and go to Bear Country, you have my full support! ;)

Your dad sent out a wonderful letter to friends in an e-mail announcing your arrival. He said that you were named after two very special men in his life, both named Sam. And said, "We named him Colt because we're in Texas by God." 'Nuff said.  I think you have the coolest name ever!

I am so happy to be your Tia, and I can't wait to have some auntie/nephew bonding in a couple weeks when I come to visit you! Until then, enjoy your first days on this planet knowing that you are dearly loved by so many people. One of those people is me, and I am privileged to be part of your life's journey.

Love and kisses,

Tia Tracy


Greg Rodriguez said...

How precious! Congrats Aunt Tracy, Mamma Jill and Grandma Pam! What an amazing blessing. Trace, you will love being an Aunt. It's the next best thing to being a mom :) Love the name, Samuel Colt.

Love, Angie

J at said...

Oh Tia Tracy, your letter brought tears to my eyes. Samuel Colt is indeed a blessed child to come into a family with so much love to give him.

Cherry said...

What a sweet letter!
I'm so glad that you will be going to visit very soon.

As soon as I heard the news, I thought of your dad and how this news will help lighten his pain (btw - how is he doing?).


wordnerd said...

welcome to the world's a crazy place!

congrats once again to Jilly and Tia!

Jennifer Disney said...

aww... I got all teary. congratulations!

Sharon said...

so excited about this little one!