Friday, April 25, 2008

"W" is for Weed Eater

Hubs and I live in a condo with a little postage stamp backyard. My Texas friends with lawns to mow will want to spit on me when I say this, but here I go: Because it only rains here during the wintertime and the grass only grows in the spring, we only have to cut our grass once a year. As in ONE TIME A YEAR. 

During our first spring together when we were dating, Hubs let the grass get really long. (I like to think he was distracted by me!) Finally seeing that he had a weed eater in his garage, I offered to cut the grass for him. His response: Never come between a man and his power tools. 

I guess marriage changes things...well, some things. Now that we are married, he still lets the grass get really long.* (I still like to think he's distracted by me!) But this year when I offered to cut it, he was all "Sure!". 

Maybe he realized that he should never let a power tool come between his woman and him! ;)

*In Hubs' defense, he's no slacker! He's our family accountant, our family chef, and he even cleans the bathrooms!  Yea, Hubs! I LOVE YOU! (I miss you, too, but cuddles with this one help a lot...)


Sharon said...

What a sweet auntie you make! Two faces of domestic starshine?

Autumn's Mom said...

Wow! I'm impressed. I'm afraid of power tools. Very afraid. haha

Sam has just the perfect little face. What a beautiful picture!!!

J at said...

HA! Love the pic of you and the weed eater! We used to have a tiny grass patch in our yard, and we had a push mower for it. But it died (stupid eucalyptus trees killed it, I think), so we put in bricks. Very low maintenance.

Gosh, that baby is CUTE! I want to eat him. Is that wrong of me?

C said...

Starshine! That was such an awesome post! You are so lucky to have a Hubby who does bathrooms!!! I think my hubby has only done bathrooms TWICE since we've been married! LOL!

You look stunning, by the way! (Weed Eater and all!)

P.S. I'm with you on the being an auntie part! My little nephew just turned a year old and I think I've got well over 2000 photos of him! LOL! I just don't want to miss a thing!!!

Oh, you won a consolation prize :) E-mail me so I can send it to you ;)

Cherry said...

Of course he's distracted by YOU!

Such a great picture of Tia and her Sam. Do they really start out that tiny?