Monday, July 14, 2008

Legacy ~ Life as a Song

I was sitting in church yesterday thinking about the concept of legacy...that even after we are gone, we leave something behind that keeps going. 

Then I was struck by the image of a song that goes on forever. When I sing, the sound I produce hits molecules that hit other molecules so that my sound travels from my mouth to your ears. In theory, the sound would just keep going and going. The song would continue on and on, long after I couldn't hear it anymore.

The words we speak and the way we treat others with our actions leave a mark on people, for better or for worse.

What kind of song are you singing with your life?

I couldn't resist posting this photo of my sister singing "I Will Survive" at my wedding reception! I think she is singing a FUN song with her life!


Anonymous said...

It was fun to see your sister singing at your for me, I have been simply fascinated by your wedding gown for ages! I remember looking at the photos many moons ago, and I have wanted to tell you for ages - it is fabulous, dahling! xoxo the fan


"Reis Magos, é tempo!
oferecei bosques, várzeas e campos
á menina selvagem:
ela veio atrás das libélulas!"...!?...

grazie mille!

Christine said...

Hi! Sorry for my has been a bit crazy! I loved your reminded me of a great Michael Card song: "Sing it with your life, sing with your heart, make melody with the words of your mouth....and mind that you listen, tell it to others, hear and live the chorus of faith." Then he goes on to say, "We do not sing that we might be more blessed....He loves us with passion, without regret....He cannot love more, and will not love less...." I like it because it reminds me that God is singing a song with His life too. :) And Starshine, your song is a song of lovely authenticity, and contagious fun, enduring hope, and love! Thank you for bringing melodies into our lives... xo