Friday, July 18, 2008

Starshine meets one of Broadway's brightest stars!

(Starshine and a familiar-looking woman are both washing their hands at adjacent sinks. Starshine gets her nerve up and asks...)

Starshine:  (sotto voce, so as not to attract attention) Are you Kristen?

Kristin:  (with a smile) I am!

Starshine:  Wow! How cool to meet you! I have your CD. The Christian one with the Taylor the Latte Boy bonus track.

Kristin: That's awesome! Thanks for buying it.

Starshine: Thank you for making it.  It's really nice to meet you.

Kristin:  You, too.

You never know who you'll run into in the ladies' room at LAX!


Autumn's Mom said...

She's great!! How fun that you met her :)

Sharon said...

Fast Forward to the future:

"Excuse me miss, I hate to bug you, but are you 'Starshine'?"


"Wow, it is so awesome to meet you! I've seen all your plays and I've been reading your blog since 2006! In fact, our theatre group is doing the play you wrote about the eharmony dating. We LOVE the music to it!"


"Did you write all the lyrics yourself?"

(Blushes) "YES"

"Wow, that's amazing! Sorry to bother you. I can't wait to tell my theatre group that I met STARSHINE!"

love ya friend!

J at said...

Wasn't she on The West Wing? I loved her on that show. :)

Breenette said...

I love her! Huge fan of Wicked and her amazing performance as Galinda/Glinda.

Grats on getting in a play btw!

Melanie said...

1. Great post at Derfwad. You are completely darling.

2. Congrats on the play, you!

3. Good job showing restraint with Kristin Chenoweth. Musical theater nerd that I am, I would have accosted her in a frothy, fan-girl frenzy. And nobody needs that in a public restroom.

Jennifer Disney said...

So fun! And I'm so excited about the play. I am SOOOOO there!

Cherry said...

were you thinking...."So I'd like to get my nerve up, to recite my poem musical..."?

What fun!

Dana Cheryl said...

Hey Girl! Woo Hoo!! Big Congrats. I'll have to read up on this play now. :) I currently live in Cedar City, Utah and there is a huge Shakespeare festival here which is amazing. Not only that but they perform several contemporary plays as well. I'm getting quite an education in the theater!

Oh and way to go being all super cool w/ the superstar! :) You rock!

Love ya!

p.s. please give me the 411 on Spain... I'd love to hear about it!

Christine said...

Starshine, I am so excited about your play!! I only wish I were there to come see it, but I know there will be many more to come. :) I loved the Derfwad are so beautiful, in and out! Talk to you soon. xo

Oliver Rain said...

I just visited your guest post on Derfwad. I am DELIGHTED to have found your blog.

Saucy said...

LOOPY AND I JUST LUUUURRRVE HER TO BITS! I'm glad you were so cool and casual. I would have freaked out!

Celebrities at the bathroom sink! How cool is that?