Friday, July 25, 2008

To Be Let in

Last night, I was winding down from the day and decided to read a few blogs before drifting off. I often check out Derfwad Manor late at night because the lovely Mrs. G seems to post the next day's blog before going to bed. Little did I know what a moving and hauntingly beautiful post was waiting there to be read. If you read nothing else on the internet today, please go read her post.

After reading it myself, I read it aloud to Hubs, and we both sat in stunned awe at the emotional journey her post took us on. Such poignancy mixed with humor and grace. That, I commented to Hubs, is why I absolutely adore blogging. It is an opportunity to let people see what is going on in your interior world. And that fact that other bloggers let me take a glimpse of their own hearts (whether they are swelling with joy or wracked with grief) is reason enough to keep me reading.

Thank you, Mrs. G, for letting me know you. You are a remarkable woman, who I am blessed to know.


C said...

What a beautiful post, Starshine! I'm going to have to go over and read Mrs. G's post now :)

It always amazes me how much I learn from reading other people's blogs, by getting to know them...and blogging helps us learn more about ourselves too!

I too feel blessed to have 'crossed paths' with some really wonderful people here.

Tricia said...

It really is about building community and sharing. Wonderful stuff.

J at said...

I just went and read this beautiful and haunting post. Poor Mrs. G and her brother. :( Not meeting my sisters until I was an adult, I understand, though otherwise my story isn't that similar.

And it reminds me of my mom, who didn't grow up knowing her half brother and half sister, who were older, and whose stepdad said he wouldn't raise them unless he could adopt them and raise them as his own. So their biological father, my Grandfather, let them go, as much as that hurt. I cannot imagine. So these things aren't necessarily new, though we think of them this way.

phd in yogurtry said...

You took the words right out of my mouth. Except better words : )

Amy said...

Great description of why blogs are fun! Off to see what Mrs. G has to say!

Breenette said...! Just Wow! Great post on both counts!

Mrs. G. said...

Thanks, Starshine, I thought a lot before posting this. I have been a bit overwhelmed by the response. I hope we get to meet someday.

Starshine said...

Mrs. G,

I hope we get to meet, as well. I have a sneaking suspicion that we'd be fast friends!