Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Another Opening of Another Show

It's getting down to brass tacks, people!  Tomorrow is our last dressed rehearsal before we have an audience!  AHHHHH!  

If any of you are interested in coming to see the show, here's the info:

~Call the box office to make reservations: (562) 494-1014

~Or you can order tickets online by going to: Then click "Tickets". Then click "Buy Tickets Online"

The show is called How the Other Half Loves, and it is playing at Long Beach Playhouse, the oldest theatre in the US west of the Mississippi! The show runs every weekend from August 29 - October 4.

Fridays: 8 pm
Saturdays: 8 pm
Sundays: 2 pm

Let me know if you're coming, so I can be sure to greet you after the show!


Shelliza said...

Wish I lived close by but I was wondering if you're in a comcast commercial. This morning I was watching the news and saw it.

Cari said...

I'm so sad we live so far away! This is so way up our alley! I know you will do great! Good luck!!

Sharon said...

Would LOVE to see you! Break a leg!!!

Dana Cheryl said...

How exciting! I'm going to try and make it during the end of its run. I'll let you know. Big hugs!!!

Mrs. G. said...

I wish I could be there with a pretty bouquet of tulips.

Break a leg!

J at said...

Break a leg, hon! Wish we could come. :)

Deb said...

it would be kind of a long drive. but i am so excited for you!!! break a leg!!!

Autumn's Mom said...

So exciting! Break a leg. Hugs to you :)

Carol said...

I read your blog regularly, but I can't make the play. :(
Georgia is too far away!

Keep up the great blogging--you encourage me supremely!!

Tricia said...

Wish I lived closer. Wishing you all the best for a fabulous show!!

Christine said...

You will rock, Starshine!! Is someone taking a video?? Big hugs!