Wednesday, September 03, 2008

I'm So Proud

Watching the GOP Convention tonight, there was absolute electricity going through the place when Governor Sarah Palin took the podium. Hearing her speak so eloquently, with such poise and conviction, was inspiring. She is a strong woman with strong principles, and she might be the next Vice President of the United States.

Watching her speak, tears rolled down my cheeks, and all I could say over and over was, "I'm so proud." 

This is a woman who walks her talk, and I am proud to give her my support.


Dana Cheryl said...

Hear, Hear! I've been watching her for the last nine or ten months. She has inspired me! Sarah Palin is a person of true integrity, loyality, and conviction. She's a true patriot. She saw a way to make things better and went after it with all her heart in order to give her children a better place to live! I can truly say that I admire her.

And what about Joe Lieberman getting up there and speaking his conscience? Wow! At one time he was candidate for the Vice President of the United States for the Democratic Party. Yet he believes so strong in this Republican ticket that he will sacrifice it all for his country.

And John McCain... A true American hero. I can't comprehend what he did for our country's honor. Five years he stayed being tortured.

I've never been more proud to be an American! (Oh and I'm not even a Republican. I'm an American.)

Country First!

Lisa Webb said...

Amen! She was WONDERFUL, wasn't she?

happy as a clark said...

Hey Tracy-
I concur....

and to answer the question you left on my blog...
We go to a church in HB on Saturday nights- you guys should come's awesome! Hope the play is fun and going well! Can't wait to see you sometime soon!!

Love ya friend!

PurrKitten said...

Well, Starshine, you may have been proud, but as a woman who has watched this presidential election process closely, I have to say that I was deeply offended by having her there on the ticket to begin with. If John McCain thinks he will get my vote (a centrist thinking woman) just because he put a woman on his ticket, he has another thing coming. She slings rhetoric and fibs just as well as the boys do, both Republican and Democrat, but she didn't address any of my concerns: balancing the budget, making health care TRULY available to everyone, and re-establishing the good name of our country in the every increasingly global socioeconomic playing field. Yes, she has charisma, but I don't vote for charisma or gender. I vote based on issues. And honestly, I'm not hearing much detail about the issues from either party during the conventions. So I agree with you on one thing: we should ALL have tears rolling down our cheeks.

Dana Cheryl said...

Please don't think that I'm overstepping boundries here. I truly don't mean to... I do understand anyone's wish that the core issues be addressed.

It's true the major issues up to this point have not yet been discussed. Yet we're still just a few days into the "offical election". The VP candidates were only announced a few days ago.

I would urge anyone to look up Ms. Palin's record in Alaska. She's accomplished much in a very short time. As stated earlier I've been following her political career for nearly a year. I've read quite a bit about her. She's truly a gutsy politician who stands by her beliefs. I think the best way to determine someone's future decisions is to look at their past. She has done remarkable things. She has earned this nomination.

I absolutely respect everyone's opinion. There will be many that will look at her past record and decide that her values & voting record do not reflect their own wishes for our country. They'll vote for someone else. That's the beauty of American politics.

Yet please take a closer look at her 10 years in politics before considering that she's unworthy for the nomination.

As I've said before... I'm not a Republican. I don't vote any party line. I see a woman who has done many things that I admire and therefore I support her. That said I also support Mr. McCain. He's always looked beyond party ideology. He's crossed the aisle on several occasions. I admire that despite the disapproval of powerful Republicans.

Anyway that's the rest of my $0.02 thank you all for indulging me. :)

Happy voting to us all!!! When it's all said and done let us work together.

United We Stand Divided We Fall.

J at said...

I think she's an amazing speaker, and like you said, very eloquent. I don't agree with any of her policies, and I don't think she's done such a good job in Alaska, and she lies when she says she refused that 'bridge to nowhere', but she is indeed a wonderful speaker. I wish she weren't so much of an attack dog, though. Her speech got pretty petty there, talking about styrofoam columns and personal growth and so on. For once, I wish politicians could concentrate on the issues ONLY. And by that, I mean both sides. Holding the other side in such obvious contempt does little to encourage working together after the election.

Starshine said...

Thanks to everyone who commented here today. I appreciate everyone's views. Whether or not we agree, I like to keep an open mind and at least listen to what everyone has to say.

Dana Cheryl, you haven't overstepped your boundaries at all. I like Palin and McCain for some of the reasons that you mentioned above. You and Purrkitten both make the point that real issues need to be discussed. And it's true that at the end of the day, I prefer to vote based on the issues that are important to me.

Purrkitten, while I am not voting for McCain just because a woman is running on his ticket with him, I will openly proclaim that I am thrilled to see a competent and articulate woman running on the ticket. It happens far too seldom, and I hope this will be the beginning of a new wave of openness. I think both Obama and Palin represent something historic in this election, and that is something I am very happy about!

C said...

Hey, Starshine :)
Hubby and I have been keeping up with all the speeches on TV and find them really interesting. American politics certainly make Canadian politics look very boring and uneventful!

Fannie Mae said...

I hear you. We are living in historic times - no matter the outcome.

PurrKitten said...

I'm very much enjoying this cordial discussion! It's not often that politics can be discussed intelligently and without so much rancor.

Prior to making my comments, I did do research on her record. I have not been following her for the last 9 months, but I did a lot of "googling" to try to catch up. She has done quite a few impressive things, but she has also "stretched" the truth about her record (e.g., the bridge in Ketchikan "no where"-don't know why they call it that, it goes to their airport). I'm not saying that she is not worthy of the nomination. What I am saying is that just because she can give a good speech and she is a woman does not get my vote. Her values and beliefs don't line up with my mine on social issues. So we get down to what the candidates are going to do if they get elected. And John McCain finally started talking about it in his acceptance speech. And what it boils down to is if we, the electorate, believe what he says he is going to do. And Obama too, I might add.

So thanks ladies for this lovely discussion. Starshine, you are right: whoever gets elected, history is going to be made by having either an African-American or woman in one of the highest offices of our country. And that is reason to celebrate.

Starshine, I've seen your play - good stuff!

Starshine said...


Thanks for participating in this discussion and for bringing your views.

And thank you so much for coming to see my play! I wish I knew who you were, but I understand that anonymity is part of the beauty of blogging.



life like a soundtrack said...

Starshine - I have been a lurker of yours for quite some time... I am a fellow Texan - West Texas - and I just wanted you to know that I like Palin, too... I also wanted you to know that I enjoy your blog and read it beginning to end one day... I cried with your losses and cheered with your triumphs! Blessings to you and yours...

mrs. blogoway said...

Not to rain on your parade, but the AP wrote an article about the untruths that Sarah Palin included in her speech:

Starshine said...

You're not raining on my parade.

I read the article you linked to. I don't see what she said as "untruths". There is just so much spin in this election. Republicans spin topics one way and Democrats spin them another. I think that ariticle just shows the Democratic spin on her claims in her speech.

The truth is that both sides need to be discussing the issues. I'll be happy when the debates begin.

I'm not sure the Huffington Post is the most reliable news source (though I acknowledge that article came from the AP). Nearly every political article on their website slammed McCain and Palin. Not very balanced reporting.

PurrKitten said...

Starshine, I still am checking your blog to see if others are weighing in on this one.

I agree with you that Huffington tends to lean left (which as you can guess is okay with me!). But for an unbiased look at fact checking, I've found a pretty decent website that tells it like it is for both sides of the Presidential race:

This debunks and gives context for remarks made by both of the campaigns. I find it very useful.

That's it for now.