Friday, September 05, 2008

My Nephew is Squeezably Cute!

Sammy is already learning how to relax in the big chair!

Out for lunch with his mommy:

My mom was watching Sam today, and when she went in to get him up after his nap, she was greeted with a smiling, laughing Sam! I think Nana's heart melted.

Big boy in his bumbo chair.  You can really see the red in his hair...just like his mom!

But in this picture, he couldn't look any more like his father:

I can't wait to see the little guy in just nine days!!!


Cari said...

What a cutie patootie!!

Jilly said...

Thanks Cari! I just slapped a hat on that day. My baby is pretty cute too huh? Ha! Kidding. No one notices parents once the baby is born. Praise God for that!

J at said...

Yay, you're going to visit Jilly, or she's coming to visit you? Either way, say hello for me, and squeeze that sweet baby boy for me. :)

In the picture at the restaurant, he looks like he wants to eat that bowl of food!

happy as a clark said...

Have fun visiting or having company! I bet you are so excited!!

Starshine said...

J and Clark -

Jilly and Sammy and my mom are coming to visit me!!!

I'm so excited to hold that little guy! My cousin MB from San Francisco is coming in for a few days, too!

C said...

Awwwww! He is ADORABLE! He looks like such a happy baby! :) Can't believe how fast babies grow!!!

I still can't get over how much you and your sis look alike!!! Both very stunning! Your family's got great genes! ;)

9 days...Have a great visit! Can't wait to hear all about it! :) xo

lisa webb said...

Have a ball with your "girls" and Sam. He is darling! Your mom needs to bring him to SA so he can meet Mason. Nana and Nan would have fun, boy would they!!!