Friday, October 03, 2008

Burnt out on the Spin

I listened on the radio to the first Presidential debate, and it seemed to me that whenever either candidate was asked a question, they just spun an issue one way or another, pointing out the flaws in each other's voting records and then countering the claims of the opposition.

Hubs and I tuned into the VP debate tonight (it's still on as I write this), and after the first ten minutes, I had to walk out of the room, then back in once I thought I could take more of the debate, then out again when it got to me and so on. I simply can't listen to the spin anymore. Right out of the gates, there was more finger pointing and more countering of claims, and frankly, I'm sick of it.

All I hear is spin, spin, spin, spin, spin.

When is anyone going to talk about REAL SOLUTIONS to the mess our country is in?

I'm starting to wonder if anyone really has any good solutions to the big mess our country is in. 

So here's the deal: I've heard the issues. I watch political news every day. I know who stands for what--who wants to tax and who doesn't, who will get taxed and who won't, who wants to curb spending and who doesn't, who wants universal healthcare and who doesn't, who is pro-life and who is pro-choice, who is for big government and who is for small government. I'm voting based on those ideals.

I'd like to vote for someone because I think they have a good plan for how to better our country, but the truth is, I don't know that anyone does.

Most of what I hear is spin, accusations, and defensiveness, along with political ideologies and how they are "fundamentally different" from one another.

Won't someone come up with something more original than that? I'm listening, but all I hear is spin, spin, spin, spin, spin, and I'm ready for something more!


josey said...

i am with you!! in fact, i have to be honest and say until this election, i have not been a politics kinda person. i've never been able to stomach the deceit and political games, and i have been too much of a perfectionist, never being able to pick the "lesser of two evils." (LOL) i mean, how can we REALLY know who to trust? no matter what they say in the debates, what is REALLY going to happen once they are in office?

i just get frustrated because it seems like the government is "over there" and we're "over here." knowutimean? (please forgive my elementary political positions!)

somehow i watched every minute of the VP debates last night and while it was better than i thought it was going to be, i felt just like you. God's gonna have to be quick about giving me some sort of revelation, because at this very moment, i really dont know who to vote for.

thanks for voicing your opinion!

Clio said...

I know what you mean. I haven't watched any debates because I've heard it all before.

Unfortunately, one of these two yahoos is going to be President. I have decided to research other candidates so that I can at least vote my conscience, and that does not include either McCain or Obama.

Someone sent me an interesting e-mail I will forward to you. It's a pipe dream, but wow would it be cool.

Laura said...

In my opinion, anybody who actually WANTS to be president already has that much less of my favor. I know that's sad, but it's the way our political system works. You can't be a "normal" person with normal ideas. Living the political machine turns you into something unreal, even if you started out with your heart in the right place.
Can you tell I hate politics? :)

C said...

Oh, I so know what you mean. The Canadian election is this month as well. In our case, we've been watching the political debates and it doesn't really seem like anyone is really talking about the issues, but more like they are attacking each other. We've been flipping channels from Canadian politics to American politics (and back and forth again). We pretty much keep current with what's going south of the border on a regular basis.

allison said...

AMEN Sista!!! I think my fave part of the evening was when the moderatoe said something to the effect of, "Senator, Governor, neither one of you answered the question I posed about what your role as the Vice President would be, so let's move on." I just though, Thank GAWD somebody FINALLY said it to their faces!! I UNDERSTAND that with this particular economy and time that they may not have a specific, unchanging, set in stone plan. But just SAY that, for the love! And stop it w/ all the muckraking!

Dana Cheryl said...

I pray a lot for the state of our country & world. We are in dire times.

My hope is that surely the people running have a desire to strenthen our nation. I don't want to believe it's just a grab for power.
I can't imagine why anyone would want the burden of President without some hope that they can postitively impact our nation and thus the world.

I do my best to support whomever is elected once elected.

Perhaps if we as priviledged Americans really care and got involved on a local level it would filter through to the top.

All I know to do is attend my local city council meetings, pray often, & try to be involved.

If you come up with any ideas please share... :)

Dana Cheryl said...
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Saucy said...

Kiddo, I think it's going to get worse for you guys there in the US before it gets better as far as election drama and spin goes!

Up here in Canada, they've only been campaigning for a couple of weeks... our election is October 14. No time for drama, only time for the issues!

J at said...

I hate watching the debates for just this reason. Too much finger pointing, too much blame, no real answers. And the sad thing is, when people try to give real answers, it seems like folks tune out. I heard Obama was in VA yesterday, and gave a detailed talk about his health care plan and McCain's, and bored the hell out of his audience. I know it's not sexy, people, but it's kinda important, so listen up. Sigh.

I just want this whole thing to be O.V.E.R.

Deb said...

I couldn't agree more. I tried to watch the vp debate also and had to turn it down to the point I couldn't hear it and ended up playing on the internet instead. I got more out of watching people's reactions...which seems to be consistent with ours. Why don't the candidates listen to our reactions and annoyances?

Brad & Carrie said...

I honestly don't know who to vote for. I'm seriously considering just not voting-which I don't at all want to do. Maybe my absentee ballot will just get lost!