Monday, November 24, 2008


You know? I'm rarely bored. When I don't have anything to do, I tend to create. Whether that means writing a blog post, organizing photos I've taken, reading blogs, watching the news, watercolor painting or just calling someone up to talk; there is almost always something to do!

One of the most gratifying things I enjoy creating are photo books on Kodak Photo Gallery. I used to spend weeks or months creating a single scrapbook. Now, with digital photos and the internet, I can create a beautiful photo book in just hours!  And it's so nice to pull them off the shelf to look at and to share the photos with friends.  

So I guess for me, creativity is the antidote to boredom.


J at said...

I'm thinking of doing one of these of my baby pictures, for my dad's Christmas. Since he wasn't around at that point, he might really enjoy it.

Starshine said...


I think that is a WONDERFUL idea! He'll love it!!! Really, you could include photos from birth to the day you met him!


Katie said...

You paint?! That is so cool so do I.

Creativity is a good antidote!

Cherry said...

Oh! My SIL made us one of those photo books for our wedding. She collected photos from our moms and put together really cute keepsake. It's clear that my parents didn't take nearly as many photos of me and Eric's parents took of him!

Probably why I'm so obsessed with the photos now!

Getting creative to fill the boredom is so much better then flicking on the TV!

Saucy said...

I want to do a few of those books. I switched to digital scrapping a while back, but I miss all the glueing, the texture and ephemera of traditional scrapping - but it is so much cleaner, quicker and easier! And yes, in a bored little minute you can whip up a page and not make your entire table a mess.

Autumn's Mom said...

i love scrapbooking and creating photobooks online. I like kodak and also a place called Really fun :)

allison said...

Ummm. Tracy? I think you need to send this post to the Kodak people. It's almost like you've posted a voiceover copy! Wouldn't it be lovely to have FREE photobooks courtesy of Kodak all b/c you did some advertisement?? :) Love it!!