Sunday, November 23, 2008

If you woke up tomorrow and the news said that the internet would be down for the next twenty years, what would you do?

I would probably cry a little because my blog took a lot of time and work to create, and it's kind of like my journal/scrapbook/legacy all rolled up in one.

Then I would have to grieve the loss of e-mail, because that was one awesome invention, and it makes it so easy to communicate with my loved ones all around the world.

Then I would take a deep breath, and I'd walk outside and see the sun shining, and I'd feel a wave of relief come over me, because I'd know in my heart that I wasted way too much time surfing around on the internet, and it was definitely time to unplug anyway.

Then I'd be like, "Say what? No more internet?"  

Then I'd cry again. I can't help it...I heart the internet!


J at said...

I would be very sad over the loss of my friends, like you, like Chrissy, whose addresses and information lives in my computer, probably on Yahoo, which is the internet. Sigh.

Cherry said...

Well, I'd cry because my job would no longer exist. And our economy is so dependent on the technology now that things would crumble.

Then I'd probably go into the kitchen and cook a really good meal, sans recipe because for the most part the internet is my main cookbook.

Then I would also breath a sigh of relief because while the internet is full of all kinds of information that the way we research has totally changed, but then again sometimes I feel there is TOO much information at my fingertips and freak outs about information I find is unsettling. Without the internet, my bubble would be more safe.

Katie said... would definitely have time for learning French, mothering and more acting :)

I would totally cry. And cry. And cry. *sniff*

Mrs. G. said...

Like Cherry, Mr. G. and 40,000 of his co-workers would be out of work, so I would REALLY cry.

Katie said...
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Saucy said...

Amen. I would miss my blog and all of my blogland friends... however would I find you IRL (in real life)?