Sunday, November 30, 2008


My Dad's sister sent me an e-mail the other day saying that she was going to drive out to the cemetery where my Dad and grandparents are buried for a visit. As most of you know, my father passed away this past June. Although I was at his burial, I never saw the gravestone, because that doesn't get placed until later. When my aunt was there visiting this week, she took a picture of his gravestone and sent it to my sister and me.

I like it, although it does jar me back into the reality that my father really has died. It is simple and clean, and the sentiment is so beautiful and true. "In God's Care".

I love you, Dad, and like you said, it will only be like the blink of an eye before we are reunited again. Until then, though you are in Heaven and I am on earth, we are both in the protection of our loving God's care.


Cherry said...

This is closure in a few ways, isn't it?

I have gratefully not lost many people in my life. Really the only close person has been my Grandmother, m Mom's mom. Since she was buried in Colorado and there wasn't a burial ceremony, my mom still wonders if they ever placed the headstone. Someday I hope she can go visit her so she can find her closure.

Congrats on completely the challenge! HUGS!

Oh, and I just picked up your voicemail! Sorry I'm bad about the phone at home. You are such the sweetest thing! Hope you had a lovely Holiday weekend!

J at said...

That is jarring, isn't it? I haven't figured out what to do with my mom's ashes yet, so for now they're in a box in the coat closet. Weird when I see it. :(

It is a lovely gravestone, though.

Saucy said...

It is a simple and tasteful stone. I think it was nice that she sent you a photo of it. Small things like that help during tough times.


Liv said...

Thank you for sharing your wonderful perspective on this. It is always nice to *meet* people who share my belief that we can someday be reunited with loved ones who have passed on.

Kevin and Ginny Moore said...

How incredibly sad but beautiful. I'm so sorry about the loss of your father, how reassuring and wonderful to know he's in heaven, though.

Hope your Thanksgiving was special, Tracy!

Katie said...

That is a nice, simple marker. And the sentiment is very comforting. What a comfort too, knowing he was saved.

Bless you!


Mrs. G. said...

What a beautiful photo reminder.

Congrats on making it through NaBloPoMo!

Autumn's Mom said...

That made my heart flip flop a little bit. In God's Care. All of us :)