Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Cool Yule

We put up our little Christmas tree over the weekend, and I'm loving how it makes our home feel!  This is my favorite time of the year!

Hubs and I have been taking swing dancing classes off and on since before we got married, and for the past six weeks, we took a class to learn a Christmas routine called "Cool Yule". Last night, we performed the routine for friends and family.

This is a photo of the whole class:

And here's the video of us doing our routine:

Have a Yule that cool, y'all!


Liv said...

Yay for everything Christmas!

J at www.jellyjules.com said...

Nicely done! Very impressive! And totally cute. :)

Cherry said...

Ohh.. are those sketchers you're wearing? I love the idea of a comfy dance shoe! Too many years wearing character shoes for me.

That was very cool. Thanks for sharing and please thank your camera man.

I'm a little sad we aren't going to be around for Christmas this year because that means no tree. I'll have to do some decorating even if we don't have the tree.

Mrs. G. said...

Honestly, I watched the whole thing and can I just tell you that I genuinely love you guys.

Great moves! Oh how I wish Mr. G. would do something like this with me. Too shy.

Starshine said...

Yes, Cherry...they are Sketchers, and they're comfy for dancing. :) When it comes to buying shoes, I try always to abide by "the rule of two c's": cuteness and comfort. One must never sacrifice one for the other! :)

Pat Mask said...

That was so totally entertaining, fun and clever. Good for both of you and Merry Christmas!
Pat from San Antonio0

Katie said...

The total cuteness of it is almost too much! :)

You two looked like you were truly relishing the moment...it was quite beautiful!

Ted said...

That was a lot of fun to watch! I gotta say, though, your hubby looks a little like actor Matt McCoy.

Autumn's Mom said...

You guys are way too cute :) How much fun! and you are a cute santa's helper :)

I have a pair of those sketchers too in white from my wedding! Good to know, they are great for dancing!!

Saucy said...

Look at you! So festive. And dance classes to boot! You have a great relationship to have that kind of fun together, I can tell from looking at it.

Lurrve the hat on the tree! Lurrve.