Thursday, November 13, 2008

Gym Class

True confession: 

I liked gym class in elementary school, back when gym class was all fun and games and square dancing. Once I started middle school, though, I was never a big fan. I've never been a naturally good distance runner, so trotting around the track was not my idea of a good time. 

I had exercise-induced asthma as a child, and I used to leisurely meander from gym class to the nurse's office every day to take a hit off my inhaler, and then find every excuse imaginable to dawdle on my way back to class, to miss as much of it as possible without getting into trouble. 

"Oh, look--there's a water fountain! Better take a sip."

"Hmm. I better stop and read every flyer on that bulletin board."

You get the idea. Thank goodness I have Hubs to motivate me to go to the gym with him. It's still not really my idea of a good time.


J at said...

Imagine my thrill when I discovered in High School that you could get out of gym class by taking extracurricular PE. My best friend was a ballet dancer, which meant she went to dance class maybe 15 hours a week...she told me. I signed up for 2 hours of dance classes, practiced for an hour a week in addition, and I was OUT of PE. WHEW!

Katie Bearden said...

I completely agree! I actually did the same thing j did above in high school and counted all my ballet as PE. I wonder why PE consists of so much running in the first place. There are other things to do that keep you in shape.

Saucy said...

I think mandatory gym class is worse than say, torture! Enough with it already.

Kim said...

Oh yeah. It's amazing how gym class helped people become haters of exercise!!

Katie said...

I too had excercise induced asthma! I think your post was so funny!