Saturday, November 08, 2008


Two years ago, I had so much fun dressing up in my Wonder Woman costume for Halloween! Last year, Halloween came and went, and we didn't do anything.  BOOOO!  So this year, I planned ahead and told Hubs, "I don't care what we do or where we go for Halloween, as long as we I get to go somewhere in costume!"

We did a little research and realized that there was going to be a Halloween Swing Dance at our local favorite place to go dancing! Woo hoo!

Since Hubs decided to go as a pirate, I put some black eyeliner and eye shadow around his eyes to give him that smoldering pirate look. Hubs isn't a big fan of makeup, but he knows that my skills are far superior, so he trusted me...sort of. I think when this pic was taken, he was probably saying, "This better make me look like a pirate, and not a drag queen."  Ha ha!

I think I did him proud! Here's my swarthy pirate!  

My friend Kelly came in town for the weekend. Her mom made her this cat in the hat outfit! Aren't her whiskers a hoot?!

This is my friend Jennifer, who came as the game "Twister". She made this awesome costume!  Isn't it ingenious?! She has become one of my closest friends here in So Cal.  :)

Here are some shots of Hubs and I doing the Lindy Hop:

It was a fun night!  Arghh, matie!


Cherry said...

What a good sport he is to sit through the make-up application. you guys look great!

I didn't know you did the Lindy!?!?! We should totally go sometime, you know, when we are both on the same end of the state. SF Golden Gate park has Lindy in the Park every Sunday. Its a hoot!

Cari said...

Love the pics! Y'all look awesome!

Breenette said...

Hubs looks very Johnny Deppish! :) LOVE the Wonder Woman look on you! I don't think my man would go out in costume even if I begged.

Jennifer Disney said...

So cute! Now I want to sing the Wonder Woman song!

Dana Cheryl said...

You did a great job with the make up! He's a good sport. :)

I didn't know that WW had a theme song. I should look it up.

Back in the day I had Wonder Woman Underoos. Do you remember those?! lol

J at said...

You guys look great, and like you had a lot of fun. :)

Saucy said...

I lurrve you as Wonder Woman. After your car dealership experience this week, you deserve to wear that getup full time, under your street clothes. You can tear off your outfit to expose your true identity as you need it!

Oh, and TWISTER??? Genius.

Katie said...

I tried and tried to comment on this the other luck. So..

You are too cute! When I was small I used to run around all day in my Wonder Woman Under Roo's! LOL!

Kevin and Ginny Moore said...

What a great idea to go swing dancing on Halloween... in costume! So fun!!!!! You guys look great. You make an beautiful Wonder Woman!