Friday, November 07, 2008

What is she smiling about?

It's simple really: "Maybe if I sort of half smile at him a little flirty-like, he'll be too distracted to hear me when I break wind riiiiiiight now.  Phew! It was a silent one. Why did I cook chili for dinner the night before my portrait sitting? That's right Leo! Here's lookin' at you, kid."


J at said...

Who knew?

Ha! My word verification is "cutie". OK, cutie!

Starshine said...


I always have hoped that my word verification would eventually spell a real word!


Have a great weekend!

C said...

Cute post, Starshine! I've had numerous discussions with people about her smile.

I think she knows something but is not about to let anyone know what it is ;)

My word verification is: lopil

Katie said...

Great minds think alike! Only you did a much better job with the elocution.


Saucy said...

You have me laughing off my chair! That was the best.

Dana Cheryl said...

The mystery of the smile has finally been solved! lol.

Cherry said...

Ha! Chili! Oh that Lisa.

Ok and just because it makes no sense, my work verf is 'creciess'.