Thursday, February 26, 2009

Great Visit With Mom

My mom came out to LA for my opening weekend, and like the BEST stage mother EVER, she came to the show three times!  Thanks, Mom!  This is my mom standing in front of The Neighbhorhood Church (which houses the theatre) in Palos Verdes.

Fun bit of family history:  My maternal grandparents wanted to have a Southern California adventure/chapter in their life, so they moved out to Palos Verdes in the 60s and lived here for five years!  Mom and I found their old house:

...and this is the insanely breath-taking view from their old house. On a clear winter day, you can see the beach, downtown LA, and snow-covered mountains in the background.

It was a fun stroll down memory lane!  Thanks for a wonderful visit, Mom...I love you so much!


Autumn's Mom said...

OH MY what a view!! How fun to go down memory lane. The house I used to live in is in such a bad neighborhood, we can't drive there. It makes me sad. But I do have a lot of fun memories there.

You're mom is super great :) I'm glad you'll be able to spend so much more time together soon!

Cherry said...

How did you get the view shots from the house? Could you see that view from the street or did you knock on the door?

I love your mom and I love how often she comes out to visit you. It's going to be so great for you to live close to her SO SOON! too too soon.

I don't know why I am so saddened knowing your time living in California is growing shorter and shorter. I am excited for you but selfishly sad. I guess I keep thinking one of these weekends we will drive down to see you in a play or meet up for lunch again or go out and play with our cameras, and the possibility of those days are quickly dwindling. I know... I'm a crazy stalker chick. Don't mind me.

Starshine said...

Oh, Cherry, you're so awesome! I'm sad too, and I'll definitely miss you. Feel free to come see the show, if you and E are in the mood for a road trip!

These photos were taken from the street. We didn't knock on the door this trip, but we totally have before, and the people were very nice and let us in to walk around!

xoxo and :)

Dana Cheryl said...

Wow! What a view!! Looks like a great mom/daughter weekend. It's so easy to see what a fun time ya'll are having. :)

Saucy said...

How cool that you found the old family homestead! Great photos, ones for the scrapbook, before you leave CA.

Sharon said...

Your Mom has always been a class act.

J at said...

VERY cool views, and yay mom! So glad she could make it.

Mrs. G. said...

Now I see where you get your good looks!

Anonymous said...

Wow - do you two ever look alike! (too cute!)xoxo the fan